As many of you are already aware, NIH is instituting new application

February 21, 2013
Dear Dr. Verschraegen,
If you and/or your colleagues are interested in working on a coordinated submission
for this competition please let Dr. Ira Bernstein know. Only one application per
institution is allowed.
The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has recently announced NCI Experimental
Therapeutics-Clinical Trials Network with Phase 1 Emphasis (ET-CTN) (UM1),
a limited competition (see the description at with a
requested Letter of Intent deadline of March 23, 2013 and a Full Application
deadline of August 23, 2013. The purpose of this Funding Opportunity
Announcement (FOA) is to support an experimental therapeutics clinical trials
program through the creation of a consolidated, integrated NCI Experimental
Therapeutics-Clinical Trials Network (ET-CTN). This FOA solicits UM1 cooperative
agreement applications for multidisciplinary groups that will conduct early phase
experimental therapeutics clinical trials. Members of the ET-CTN will work on
investigational agent-specific trans-network project teams to define the drug
development plan, and to conduct experimental therapeutic clinical trials filed to the
Investigational New Drug (IND) applications by NCI’s Division of Cancer Treatment
and Diagnosis (DCTD), Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program (CTEP).
You may direct questions concerning this announcement to Dr. Bernstein or Hilda
Hilda Alajajian
Grant Resources Specialist, SPA
Office of the Associate Vice President for Research
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