Foundations of Nutrition
Dietary Guidelines for Americans
Sugar IQ Activity
Empty containers of the following beverages:
44 oz soft drink cup (from 7/11 or other convenience store)
Snapple (16 oz.)
Arizona Iced Tea (24 oz.)
12 oz. Classic Coke
Red Bull (8.5 oz.)
Other popular beverage
Clean #10 Cans – empty cans, remove top of can and labels (check with your child
nutrition director or local restaurant to supply cans for this display)
81/2” x 14” sheets of paper (large enough to wrap around the cans). Write the following
question on the sheet before covering the can: How many teaspoons of sugar are in a
<insert beverage name>?
9 oz. clear plastic cups and plastic wrap or sealable plastic bags
1 box Sugar cubes (with at least 104 sugar cubes)
Product information sheets: 8 1/2 “ x 11” sheets of paper providing the following product
information: the volume of the full container, calories, and the number of teaspoons of
sugar (1 sugar cube = 1 teaspoon of sugar) for each beverage.
Product Information:
Name of Beverage
44 oz. soft drink
Arizona Iced Tea
Classic Coke
Red Bull
Volume of
44 oz.
24 oz.
16 oz.
12 oz.
8.5 oz.
Number of teaspoons of
sugar per container
(1 teaspoon = 1 sugar cube)
40 teaspoons
19 teaspoons
13 teaspoons
10 teaspoons
7 teaspoons
1. Lay out the product information sheets for each product on a table.
2. For the beverages listed below, measure the number of sugar cubes into a clear cup and
cover with plastic wrap or place in a plastic bag. Label the cup or bag with the name of
the beverage. Set the cups on the corresponding product information sheets.
3. Cover the product information sheets and corresponding cup/bag of sugar cubes with
the #10 can for each beverage.
4. Display the beverage next to the corresponding #10 can.
Foundations of Nutrition – Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005
Handout 3

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