Develop your own timeline/biography of your lives so far, this can be

Fire collage.
Create your own bonfire collage. Make
it sparkle and shimmer. Can you use a
variety of materials to create texture?
Find out!
Research and find fascinating facts
about the Great Fire of London. You
can either write this in a form of an
article or a list
Make a map
Can you make an ancient map locating
Draw a detailed illustration of a
either some buried treasure or a
dragon. Write a description about it.
special hidden place? Don’t forget to
What does it look like? What does it
add any landmarks you would pass on
do? If you want to impress make a
the way or dangers! How will you make
model of your dragon too!
Word search
Create a poster to warn others about
Can you make a word search based on
the dangers of fire and how to stay
our theme? We will give these out to
safe. Make your poster bold and bright!
other classes to solve.
Write a poem based on fire! Remember
to add those adjectives to make it
interesting and rhyme.
Write a report on the Great Fire of
London. What did you see? How did it
your map look old?
Make a short presentation based on
the Fire of London to share with the
class. You can use pictures,
illustrations or PowerPoint
Places I know
Think about places around the world.
What facts do you know about these
Have you been there on holiday? Make
a fact sheet to present to the class.
Are dragons real?
Make a presentation to the class based
on whether dragons are fact of fiction.
My hero!
Who is your hero? Draw a picture and
describe them, this can be a fictional
character of a real life hero (family
members, emergency services)
Wow words!
Can you bring in some Wow words
based on our theme to display in our
class. Make them big and bold!
Moving Dragon.
Make a moving dragon, you could make
its wings flap or flames shoot from its
You should complete a minimum of one activity from the grid per week. Which activities you choose to do and when you choose to carry them out is your decision.
Work can be carried out in your project book or on other media type.
The blank boxes are for you in case you find something else that you want to do which relates to our theme and you will need to add them to the grid. I will still be
checking that homework is completed each week. Once you have completed an activity please could you tick and date the work on the grid.
Other types of homework include reading 3 times a week plus word power.