prof adrian p banning md, frcp, fesc

Banning AP
Consultant Cardiologist
Department of Cardiology
John Radcliffe Hospital
Headington Way
Oxford. UK
Tel 01865-741166 (hospital switch)
Tel 01865-228934 (Secretary)
FAX 01865-220252
E mail address
Date of Birth:
11th June 1963
MB BS (St Georges, London UK
MD (University of London)
Good clinical practice course attended
7 May 2008
Current Post
The John Radcliffe is a University Hospital and I have extensive experience in under-graduate teaching and teaching
Specialist Registrars. I am a Consultant Cardiologist (started post August 1999) and I work as both an interventional
cardiologist and participate in general cardiology. I qualified from London (MB BS) and subsequently attained an MD
in 1997 studying at the University Hospital of Wales. Whilst in Oxford my research has focused on applications of
drug eluting stents, percutaneous coronary intervention in acute coronary syndromes and mechanisms of myocardial
injury during PCI. I have on call responsibilities for the full range of regional centre cardiology and I am responsible
for all the emergency procedures in the catheter lab two days in five.
I have published over 190 peer reviewed scientific papers and was Assistant Editor to the journal Heart for 6yrs. I act
as referee for Circulation, Lancet, Nature Cardiovascular Medicine etc
Invasive Cardiology
I supervise and/or perform coronary intervention 4 sessions per week in two cardiac catheter laboratories and
perform>350 coronary intervention procedures per annum including mutivessel angioplasty and primary angioplasty
for AMI. I perform TAVI and balloon mitral valvotomy. I have attended a number of live intervention courses both in
the UK and internationally and have trained a number of doctors that have subsequently become independent
I have introduced intravascular ultrasound to our laboratory and I am the lead interventionalist in our centre for the
following international studies
REACT study - UK based study of management of failed thrombolysis
In the top 5 recruiting centers
TAXUS 2 study-– sponsored by Boston Scientific (involves IVUS and QCA follow up)
Recruited 43 patients in 3 months.
2nd largest recruitment center in the world
DISCOVER 2- sponsored by Guidant
Recruited 19 patients.
2nd largest recruitment center in the UK
ENDEAVOUR 2-sponsored by Medtronic
IVUS substudy centre
TAXUS 6- sponsored by Boston Scientific (involves IVUS and QCA follow up)
Recruited 29 patients.
Joint 3rd largest recruitment centre in the Europe/world
SYNTAX- sponsored by Boston Scientific
UK PI for intervention
Recruited 42 pts
Best recruitment in the UK and 4th in the world
HORIZONS sponsored by Cardiovascular Research Foundation
UK PI for this primary PCI study
E SELECT sponsored by Cordis
UK PI and steering group member
Within the top 5 UK recruiters
Banning AP
Elected BCIS council member 2002-6
Atherothrombosis and Hypertension Clinical Study Group
S Central representative for National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network
Invited Faculty Member
Advanced Angioplasty Meeting (ACI) London 2000 to 2011
Live case operator 2007, 2008, 2010
Euro PCR 2004, to 2010
Live case operator 2006
TCT 2005,2006, 2007, 2008,2009
Live case operator 2008
Oxford live site principal coordinator 2010
Non-invasive cardiology
I am accredited with the British Society of Echocardiography to Adult proficiency level.
I have 10 years experience in transoesophageal echocardiography and I have a research interest in the diagnosis and
management of thoracic dissection and intramural aortic haematoma
I have also contributed to a number of the ongoing clinical research projects being carried out in the department
including studies on temporary pacing and myocardial stunning. I am the co-principal investigator on the Jarvik
Artifical Heart programme in Oxford. This is an LVAD designed for permanent implantation in patients not suitable
for cardiac transplantation.
I am involved in the OXVASC study which is a community based study of patients presenting with AMI, ACS TIA or
stroke. I am also on the steering committee of the GALA study which is a randomised comparison of local vs general
anaesthesia for carotid surgery.
Bibliography (5 selected)
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