Wrexham Renal Home Therapies

Wrexham Renal Home Therapies
Home Haemodialysis
Information Booklet
Telephone Numbers
Home Therapies Office………….01978 727101
………….01978 727103
On-Call Nurse……………………01978 291100
(Ask to Bleep CAPD nurse on-call)
Dave Leong……………………....07831764533
Renal Unit………………………..01978 727100
Dietician………………………….01978 727159
Social Worker…………………….01978 727296
Before we commence training, an assessment will be performed by the nurses,
doctors, social worker and water technician to ensure all medical, psychological and
social issues are addressed. This is an opportunity for you to express any concerns
you may also have.
This booklet is to be used in addition to the “Home Haemodialysis Policy” which is an
essential guide to performing your haemodialysis at home. All elements of the
“Home Haemodialysis Policy” will be covered during your training. There is no set
time to your training period, it will continue until you feel confident to manage your
own treatment and the home therapies nurses and doctors feel you are competent.
Dialysing at Home
When you feel confident to dialyse at home, the home therapies team will visit for your
first treatment and continue daily until you feel confident to dialyse independently
(This is usually towards the end of the first week). Visits will then reduce and will be
come monthly.
If you have an urgent need for help you can ring the Home therapies phone number
during the day and on call nurse out of hours.
Monthly Visits
You will be visited on a monthly basis. Water samples will be taken from the machine
to ensure the water is at a safe standard.
The visits are an opportunity to revise any theory and practice. Annually we will
perform a more in-depth review to revise procedures and theory.
The “Home Haemodialysis Policy” should be referred to on a regular basis to ensure
that your competency is maintained.
We will take pre and post bloods on a monthly basis and inform you of any changes of
medication required.
You will need to attend clinic on a 3 monthly basis to see the home therapies
Maintenance of equipment
You will be expected to clean the R.O. unit on a two weekly basis with a cleaning
solution – details on how to do this are in the Home haemodialysis policy. After
cleaning it is important to ensure that the machine is free from chemicals by using the
test strips provided.
If you have a heat sterilised RO, it will require cleaning monthly or as requested by the
You will need to check the chlorine level of the pre RO water on a daily basis and
record the readings on the chart provided. Please inform the unit if the level is above
the limit recommended.
Public Authorities
We will inform the water board that there is a home dialysis unit at your address so
that the service can be protected as far as possible.
If you have any water disconnections, or notifications from the water board please
inform the home therapies team.
You will be provided with all the equipment you require to carry out your dialysis at
home (Dialysis Machine, filters, RO, BP machine). You will need to purchase a pair of
weighing scales and an appropriate table to prepare your pack on, we will assist in
advising which to buy. The equipment provided is of great value and along with your
room or cabin, you will be expected to keep it in immaculate condition at all times. No
animals should enter your dialysis area.
Home haemodialysis patients are entitled to a machine allowance. This calculation is
based on 470 KwH per quarter at the current rate for electricity and therefore
automatically keep in line with increases in costs. The figure of 470 units take
account of the number of hours of dialysis and the power consumption of the
To claim the above allowances, please send your receipted bill to
the Home Therapies Office, who will arrange for you to be re-imbursed with the
hospital's share. You will be expected to pay your bill as normal. The cheque will be
made to you.
Water Meter
If you have a water meter installed in your property you will be entitled to a
reimbursement for the amount of water used by the dialysis machine during your
dialysis session.
To claim this, please send your receipted water bill to the home therapies team.
House Insurance
It will be your responsibility to ensure that your house insurance covers any damage
caused by the dialysis equipment (i.e. flooding). The machinery is covered under the
hospital insurance, but any damage to your home is not. If you have any questions
regarding this please do not hesitate to contact the home therapies team.
You will have a delivery of supplies monthly. Once a month, you will receive a
telephone call asking for your current stock. This will be followed shortly after by a
It is possible for you to holiday in the UK or abroad and receive dialysis in a nearby
unit. Please inform us as soon as possible prior to booking your holiday, where and
when you intend to go. We need to apply for funding and reserve a space in the
dialysis unit for the length of the holiday. Please inform the Transplant nurse of the
dates of your holiday so that you can be suspended from the transplant list for that
period of time.
NB. Please ensure that you have appropriate travel insurance (the E111 is not
sufficient alone).
Waste collection
The home therapies team will arrange for clinical waste to be collected on a weekly or
fortnightly basis. You must ensure that the yellow bag is able to be seen from the
road by the binmen the night before it is due to be collected. Please ensure all sharps
are placed in the sharps bin provided and not in the yellow bag.
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