Chemical Reactions, Chemical Equations, Electricity & Magnetism

Natural Selection
*Natural Selection – the process by which organisms that are best
suited to a particular environment survive and reproduce most
*Variation – differences that exist naturally among members of a
population or species
Species – a group of organisms having common characteristics
*Adaptation – a trait that helps an organism survive in a particular
Trait – a distinguishing characteristic or quality
*Mutation – a change in the genetic material of an organism
Genetic Diversity – all the different genetic characteristics in a
specific species
*Phenotype – the appearance of an organism
*Genotype – the genetic make-up of an organism
*Niche – the role of an organism in a community
Isolation – complete separation from others
*Classification/Taxonomy – the assignment of organisms to
groups within a system of categories distinguished by structure and
*Speciation – the formation of a new species usually because of
geographic location