Crow Indian Water Medicine-A Crow Legend

Source: “Mythology and Symbols”, Native Drums Website
Crow Indian Water Medicine
Long ago, somewhere across the plains, there was a Crow Indian who had lost
his son in a war. Stricken with grief, he went up into the mountains to pray and
wait for a vision that would help him avenge the death of his son. He slept ten
nights. Finally, while in a deep sleep, he had a dream. In his dream he heard
singing and drumming. A man came to him and invited him to a place where
there was dancing. He followed the man to a lodge where there were many old
men and women. “There were eight men with drums. He also saw weasel skins,
skins of mink and otter, a whistle, a smudge-stick, some wild turnip for the
smudge, and some berry-soup in a kettle. One old woman had an otter skin
with weasel-skin around it like a belt” (Wissler and Duvall 1995 (reprinted): 8081).
The Crow Indian stayed there and learned songs the people sang. When he
awoke, he returned to his people and brought back the powerful Crow-watermedicine. If people wished for things, the Crow man would bring out his water
medicine and they would sing, pray and dance. After awhile, in some way, the
wish would come true.
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Water medicine is very powerful not only in treating the sick but because water
is vital in the prairies. Ceremonies like the Sundance revolve in honouring and
requesting for water.
1. Why does the man go up to the mountains to pray? What kind of vision is he
2. What kind of vision does he receive instead? Describe his dream.
3. What does he learn from his dream vision?
4. How is the drum associated with peace and healing in this story?
Myths, Legends & Stories
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