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ENE 451
Homework 6
1. Light propagating in a medium of refractive index 1.843 is incident on s-
plane interface with medium of refractive index 1.628
(a) For what range of incidence angles will the light be totally reflected at the
(b) What is Brewster’s angle for the incident light?
(c) For light incident at Brewster’s angle, what is the reflectance for s
(perpendicular) polarization? For p(parallel) polarization?
2. Light from a bulb immersed in a liquid of refractive index 1.3972 is
reflected at the plane face of a diamond (n=2.42). If the angle of incidence
is chosen for maximum polarization, what is the angle of refraction?
3. A linearly polarized wave with an electric field vector
E = E0(ex+ey)
is incident on a birefringent crystal having its optic axis in the ex direction with
nE > no
(a) Write an expression for the polarization vector for the output wave for a
phase retardation of (a) π rad. (b) π/2 rad. (c) π/4 rad.
(b) Sketch the real part of E in the ex,ey plane for the transmitted wave for z
= 0 to 2 π in increments of π/4, for each of the case in problem (a)
(c) What is the state of polarization in each of those cases?