Email template This is designed as an email template, which you

Email template
This is designed as an email template, which you can customise to send to your students and faculty.
Suggested areas to customise are indicated, but feel free to edit and reword to suit your
communication style.
<Insert greeting>
Studying or researching <insert subject area(s), e.g. food science and nutrition>?
<insert university name> subscribes to FSTA®, a comprehensive, specialist database for all sciences
relating to food and nutrition, from economics to nanotechnology.
FSTA® collates and summarises the latest scientific and technological literature from around the
world. Every record is indexed against an in-depth thesaurus of over 10,770 subject keywords, to
help you find the relevant research quickly and easily.
Key facts and figures
Over 1.1 million records of high scientific integrity and direct relevance
Updated weekly with over 1,250 new records
Records dating from 1969 to the present
950 active journals covered, with historical coverage of over 4,000 journals
Also includes trade publications, books, reviews, conference proceedings, reports, patents
and standards
Contains information sources in 29 languages from 53 countries
Extensive coverage of food and beverages, including all major commodities, related life and
pure sciences, pet foods, food processing, food safety, and food economics
Access the database via <insert hyperlinked platform name>.
<insert signature>