LATEST BULLETIN 20/04/15 Hi, Report from Morag on the Cotswold

Report from Morag on the Cotswold Hunt Triathlon at the end of March.
As always the children all did very well and behaved beautifully. Laura and Wilf competed in the
Tadpoles section and their team came 4th. Ollie competed in the Minis, his team came 2nd and
Ollie came 3rd individually so a great result for him. Ruby also competed in the Minis and her team
came 4th. Meg competed in the Juniors and her team came 3rd and she came 4th individually so
well done to her - the handwork is starting to pay off! There was also an award that I wasn't aware
of - the area 9 triathlon award- which is a combination of points from the VWH, the Beaufort and the
Cotswold Hunt triathlons and Laura came 2nd so a fantastic result for her particularly as it is her first
year competing. So well done to all who competed.
Shipton Moyne 9th April
I forgot to mention in last weeks bulletin that Phoebe Ind came 10th in her class - well done Phoebe.
Area Mounted Games Competition Sunday 19th April
We were able to send 2 teams to the Area Mounted Games Competition yesterday, our members
competing were Isla Lynal, Laura Mathieson, Isla Skelston, Ruby & Wilf Thomas and Minnie & Seth
Turkington. It was a very cold day, which was not helped by there being a long wait after the tack
inspection before the competition started, but our teams held their own and all came home with
rosettes and smiles on their faces.
A big 'thank you' to Paula Turkington who has been training the members over the past few months
and was a great support to everyone on the day
Road Rider & 'C' Tests
We can offer a choice of training for the Road Rider & 'C' Tests - either in the next couple of months
before Camp or during the holidays in August.
Please let me know if you would like to do either or both of these tests and when you can be
available, then we can then sort dates.
The minimum age for the 'C' Test is 11yrs but I always suggest that members of that age wait a year,
in order to get a good pass. To obtain the 'C' Test certificate and felt, members must have passed the
Road Rider Test - the tests can be done separately and carried over to another time.
Future Fun & Friendly Dates
Sun 3rd May
Sun 10th May
Sun 24th May
Sat 6th June (pm)
Sun 14th June
Sat 27th June (pm)
Sat 4th July (am)
Please remember that Fun & Friendly rallies are open to ALL members from lead rein up to older
members who would like to come and join in - we will try to accommodate every one in a suitable
Dressage Rallies with Helen James at Hollow Farm
Future Dressage Rallies with Helen at Hollow Farm are listed below, anyone wishing to take part at
the Area Dressage Competition on Tues 28th July should try to attend at least 2 of the dates.
Dressage Rallies are open to ALL members, Helen is great with all ages and is keen to encourage the
younger members.
Sun May 17th (2.00 - 4.30)
Sun May 31st (10.00 -12.00)
Sat June 13th (2.00 - 4.30)
Thurs 9th July (6.30 - 8.30)
Thurs 9th July (6.30 - 8.30)
Thurs 16th July (6.30 - 8.30)
Show Jump Rallies at Summerhouse & Rectory Farm
These rallies are open to all members, but at Rectory Farm you need to be capable of jumping 75cm
and above. Anyone wishing to take part in the Area Show Jumping on Sunday 5th July should attend
at least two of these rallies. There is a Junior competition at the Area Show Jumping for members
12yrs & under, the height in the first round will be 75cm.
Fri 1st May
Rectory Farm
Wed 13th May Summerhouse
6.00 - 8.00pm with Joe MacDonald
6.00 - 8.00pm with Olivia Ravenhill
Fri 29th May
2.00 - 6.00pm - open to all members
Fri 5th June
Rectory Farm
6.00 - 8.00pm with Joe MacDonald
Fri 19th June
6.00 - 9.00pm
Fri 26th June
Rectory Farm
6.00 - 8.00pm with Joe MacDonald
Fri 3rd July
6.00 - 9.00pm
MPC Dates for your diary
MPC Summer Camp
Wed 22nd - Sun 26th July
MPC Open Show
Sunday 30th August
Stockland Lovell Residential Camp 16th - 18th October
Future Competition Dates
Listed below are the forthcoming competition dates in our area, more competition dates can be
found on the Area 9 Newsletter, details of all these competitions and more can be found on the Area
9 website
Sat 25th April
Team Show Jumping at Hartpury
Sun 26th April
ODE Andoversford
Sun 3rd May
Hunter Trial at Wickstead Farm Old Berks Hunt Branch
Ledbury Hunt Branch
Cotswold Hunt Branch
Mon 25th May
Kemble Show to include Hickstead Qualifier VWH Branch
Sat 30th May
West Littleton
Beaufort Hunt Branch
Area Qualifier Competition Dates
If you would like to be considered for any of the Area Competitions listed below please contact the
relevant Team Manager or let me know.
Area Dressage
Tues 28th July - Junior, Novice, Intermediate and Open
Area Show Jumping Sun 5th July - Junior (12ys & under) 75/80cm, Novice - 90cm, Intermediate 1m and Open 1m 10
Area Horse Trials
Show Jumping
Sun 2nd August - Novice, Intermediate and Open - height of jumps as for Area
Area Mini & Junior Horse Trials
Best wishes
Sun 9th August