Government Brief, Cluster Lead and Co-lead Meeting
Tropical Cyclone Pam Response
20th May 2015, 08.00hrs NDMO Office – Meeting Minutes
The meeting was chaired by Erickson Sammy
The dates for National TC Pam workshop Lesson
Learned firming on 24th and 25th June to be held at
Warwick La Lagoon
Each cluster requested to complete their individual
cluster Lessons Learned workshops prior to 24th and 25
June with sufficient time to finalise reports and submit to
National TC Pam LL workshop planning group.
The OCHA team have now left the country and future
support towards 3W reporting will be provided by the
VHT members
Clusters requested to distribute the message of El Nino
drought impact on the Vanuatu communities
IDP Working Group
The displaced Mataso community members were
successfully returned to Mataso last week along with
support kits provided by various clusters. An excellent
example of inter cluster co-operation.
Gender and Protection
Lessons Learned report is now finalized and distributed
Ministry of Woman’s Affairs holding a two day forum on
9th and 10th June. The agenda and program will be
distributed after sign of from the Ministry. The focus of
the forum will be on the perceptions of women in the
community and how they can be better included in a
The Ministry of Women’s Affairs is working closely with
other clusters to identify gaps and vulnerable groups
Community Outreach workers have identified 450 people
on Efate with disabilities in need of additional services –
particularly WASH and Shelter
Ministry of Education and Training will be distributing
donated solar lights to boarding schools throughout Efate
TC PAM Planning
group to distribute
questions for cluster
Matoso group returned to Matoso with good cooperation
from clusters
Additional Domestic Kits being purchased to fill existing
and newly identified gaps
New project approved for understanding local
construction techniques with aim of improving rebuilding
Camp Co-ordination and Management (CCM) activities
continue to be based on outcome of Shelter Vulnerability
Early recovery
Major Government to donor briefing last Friday
A further workshop to be held for the Government to brief
the private sector
UNDP continuing with support and mapping of multi
sector and sector specific issues and challenges
Early Recovery Working Group likely to be coordinated
through NDMO
ILO and UNDP have partnered to undertake consultation
at National level and develop guidelines for Emergency
Employment and Livelihoods working through the
Department of Labour
UNDP continue with debris clearing and management
with a focus on managing medical waste.
World bank keen to support Livelihood restoration and
support to women’s employment
Information dissemination platform to progress the 3Ws
reporting for all development not just Disaster Response
Long term recovery framework yet to be finalized –
consultation to take place but timing of consultation not
yet defined – but soon
HAP response to continue to July 31 then there will be
sector working groups working with the Ministries lead by
Prime Minister’s Office for the early and long term
Lengthy discussion related to ongoing preparation for
next cyclone season with general consensus that the
existing cluster system should continue and work
alongside the early recovery working groups.
Flash Appeal reporting has been converted to HAP
Appeal template and aligned to all partner information
Validation of the reported data ongoing this week and
revised data available at the end of next week.
Quick fix guidelines finalized and distributed
Assessments continuing in two locations
Lessons Learned workshops to be held in 4 provinces.
Content to be developed and aligned to organizational
Lessons Learned Workshop
Excellent collaboration with Shelter cluster continue to
identify and mitigate gaps
Health & Nutrition
MoH and UNICEF are working with Save the Children
and have launched Micronutrient Powder campaign on
Reports of measles occurring on Efate and will be
followed up. Public health sms alerts have been sent
Repairs to Public Health facilities continues
11 Lifestraw chemical free water supply systems have
been distributed to affected health facilities and Immaki
primary and secondary schools
Six Foreign Medical Teams are currently deployed in
Vanuatu – includes 3 teams with permanent residency
The Fijian midwives have completed their 2 weeks
deployment and have provided valuable support to their
Vanuatu colleagues
The implementation of the Health Cluster Strategic Plan
has commenced
The Ministry of Health has scheduled a Lessons Learned
workshop for 2pm Thursday 21st May at the Ministry of
Food & Agriculture
The release plans for the 3rd push of the food distribution
have been signed off by the Director General
The food allocation for the 3rd push has been increased
with 10kg of rice per head being allocated for this round
as well as tins of rice and noodles.
The allocations will be made in location starting from
Food Security
Cluster to organize
this assessment and
report back
south Pentecost and to other affected regions
Seed distribution nearly complete
Tool distribution will commence shortly and will be based
on assessed distribution needs per location and as
approved by the Ministry of Agriculture
All schools from South Pentecost down will received NFI
and (unsolicited) donated food
81% of house-holds reported damaged to their shelter
and 72 people from those households reported they had
completed some repairs
Still a need for tools, water, shelter and drinking water to
be supplied to some areas
Follow up assessment report is being finalized today and
should be available for distribution next week
The assessment identified gaps in tarp distribution and
this should be mitigated by the 2000 tarps delivered next
week. List of beneficiaries are not developed. Red Cross
and CARE will distribute once the distribution plan is
Lessons Learned Workshop to be held 28th May and
planning for this workshop is being undertaken
Peter Lawther IFRC Pacific Shelter Coordinator here to
assist with the Lessons Learned workshop and the
development of the ongoing structure for a Shelter
Director mentioned people are still requesting tarps for
Efate and this will be reviewed and followed up by the
Shelter Cluster
Map of 2nd push Early Departure Points (EDP’s) and
Final Departure Points(FDP’s) now available on the
Humanitarianresponse website:
3rd food push delivery points will be available soon
VAT exemption finished on 12th June- info to be checked
and there will be a report back at the next meeting
Logistics cluster will refocus on information sharing and
Lessons learned workshop on 2nd June at NDMO
upstairs meeting room
Solomon Islands Patrol Vessel has now completed its
VAT feedback
required from
Logistics Cluster
time in Vanuatu and has returned to Solomon Islands
Vanuatu Police Patrol Boat still available for tasking for
emergency small capacity items
Rainbow Warrior in Tanna and will return Port Vila
Thursday. Next departure is to Pentecost and that
journey is now fully booked
Further requests for use of Rainbow Warrior services can
be lodged with Logistics on Logistics Service Request
Rainbow Warrior and Vanuatu Police Boat are now the
only vessels available to the Logistics cluster and
Ministry requests for transport will be prioritised
Partners encouraged to use commercial operators
Dragon fly will be leaving Vanuatu on completion of its
final task in the next day or so.
Ministry of Health is tasking the second group of
SeaMercy vessels with ETD from Port Vila 20th May
Storage still available on Tanna at 30% capacity
 The OCHA team has now left Vanuatu and some follow
up activities will be supported by VHT
 Training has continued with 3 w’s and the 3w report is
continuing with VHT support
 VHT can provide some support for HAP reporting if
 Various request from volunteers to help with the TC Pam
response. Please identify if you have need for volunteer
support and specify skills and expertise require.
 Clusters to provide dates for cluster lessons learned
 Oxfam to support new IM officer who will be available to
support Oxfam and VHT
 No report provided
Vanuatu Stock
Partners are requested to send updated stock requests
and usage each Tuesday and Thursday
Partners requested to submit request for NFI distribution
to beneficiaries to ensure NFI are distributed asap
NEXT MEETING: 27th May 2015 @ 8.00 a.m. NDMO Office.
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