2014-03-20 MFCDC Outreach Timeline (Bernard Mickle).

Outreach Timeline:
April 10th MFC Neighborhood Association Meeting:
The Butler students and I will be intentional about making the residents aware of the upcoming Community
Event/ Dialogue.
April 12th MFC Outreach Door to Door from 1:00pm-3:00pm (specially along the 3300 blocks of Central,
Ruckle, Park and Broadway streets)
This will be the day that we go out to meet residents and also pass out our flyer.
April 19th or 26th Community Event/ Dialogue, 11:00am-1:00pm
These were the dates that were chosen. Unfortunately, one of the Butler students has an important
event to attend April the 19th. If the 26th works, we are okay with that.
This event will consist of Open dialogue in a small group setting. We are counting on at least 15-20 residents
to attend. The focus will be around three main questions that we would like answered from the
communities perspective. The way we would facilitate this event is by stations. The overall group will be split
into three groups. Each group will be facilitated by myself or a Butler student. Those three groups will have
one question to answer at a time. After the focus of each group on one of the questions, (Possibility A: The
groups will have the opportunity to share their thoughts to the overall group in regards to their specific
question before allowing the groups to rotate to their next question or Possibility B: They will have small
inner circle dialogue within their group and before we come back together as a whole group, each person
would have rotated to each station). Being that there are three questions total, each group will rotate three
times in order to ensure that everyone had the opportunity to answer each question. If possibility B is
chosen, we will have one big dialogue with the entirety of the group.
What we need:
What three questions do you believe are the three most important questions to ask our resident?
Place to hold the April 19th or 26th event
Food (either to eat throughout the event or Lunch following the event)
o We could see if we could get Lil Caesars to donate pizza or be given a possible budget to
purchase pizza.
o Secondly, if possible, Isaiah could donate to the event, similar to the envisioning session.
May 2nd Block Party MFCDC
Our Community Dialogue event will be a great platform to make the residents aware of the MFCDC Block
party and to get them involved.