Rodney- Organ Recipient

Rodney Get His Life Back and Disproves the Misconceptions
When Rodney Parrish needed a kidney in 1993, his surgeons faced a special
challenge: Rodney’s religious beliefs as a Jehovah’s Witness prohibited his
acceptance of blood products. Despite the potential for serious problems, his
surgeons performed the transplant successfully. To minimize the risk of blood loss,
surgeons used erythropoietin hormones to increase Rodney’s blood hematocrits
higher than usual, giving him an extra cushion in case he began to bleed.
It worked. Rodney’s new kidney has since enabled him to shoot more hoops, travel
all over the world for his work, and spend more time with his beloved wife, children
and grandchildren. Grateful to his donor and the transplant surgeons, Rodney takes
care to eat well, rest and enjoy each day. He knows a healthy body is a precious gift.
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About donation in the Jehovah’s Witnesses faith: Jehovah’s Witnesses believe
Jehovah has forbidden the use of blood products, even during surgery. They are to
“keep abstaining . . .from blood” (Acts 15:29); however, Jehovah’s Witnesses believe
organ donation is a matter best left to an individual’s conscience and acceptable if no
blood is used. Therefore, before transplantation, all organs and tissue must be
completely drained of blood.