Stratford Dental Newsletter
Team News
We like to congratulate Dr Chanpreet
Kalsi on the birth of Baby Boy.
Cristina our Dental Nurse has passed her
Impression Taking Course.
Jessica Our Dental Nurse has passed her
First Stage Dental Nursing Exams
We welcome Dr Konstantinos Adraktas
to the Team who will be covering Dr
Kalsi while she is on maternity leave.
Join our Hygiene Club for as little as
£7.50 per month.
Tooth Whitening
Teeth are stained by the foods and drinks
we consume. Smoking further stains
teeth and the natural bright, white shade
becomes darkened. Teeth whitening is a
successful and simple method of
lightening the colour of your teeth. The
degree of whiteness achieved will vary
from patient to patient and with the type
of whitening process chosen.
procedures for men and women to help
rejuvenate, enhance and restore the
youthful definition of the face and body.
They are currently offered at Stratford
Dental by Dr Shilpa Patel who has been
trained in the latest techniques of facial
rejuvenation. Following an in depth
consultation, a bespoke treatment plan is
drawn up specifically tailored to your
requirements. Please see our website for
more details
Home Whitening
A custom made mouth tray is created. A
whitening gel is placed in the tray which
you then wear whist asleep or for short
periods during the day. Results are
normally seen over 2 weeks.
Dental Hygiene
Our Home Whitening is on Special
Offer Until the end of January at
£195 saving £54
The dental hygienist is specially trained to
carry out through cleaning of your teeth
and gums, removing plaque, tartar and
staining to prevent or treat gum disease.
The hygienist will advise on correct
techniques for brushing, flossing and diet.
Regular visits to the hygienist help you to
keep your teeth and gums healthy, giving
you fresher breath and increasing your
confidence, and help prolong the life of
your teeth.
The hygienist is also trained to provide a
range of other preventive and enhancing
treatments including fissure
sealants, tooth whitening and
treatments for problems with bad breath
Power Whitening
During this treatment a light or laser is
used to activate and speed up the
chemical reaction of the whitening gel.
This procedure usually takes about one
Social Media
The practice has both a Facebook Page
and Twitter which keeps patients up to
date with Special Offers, Practice News
and Tips and Advice.
Please also check our website for more
details on our services.