Advanced EFL Syllabus fall 2015-16 student

Instructor: David Brody
Law Faculty, Room 521
[email protected]
Fall, 2015-2016
Course Syllabus
Time and Place:
Monday, 16:30-17:20, Room A011
I will give you readings from a variety of sources. There is no textbook.
About the class:
We will read and discuss a range of law-related topics, as we did in English for Lawyers I and II.
In this class, however, I will give you more challenging readings and put more emphasis on
speaking skills.
One of my new goals for this year is to introduce students to online news sites, journals, and
blogs related to legal topics that interest them. Hopefully, this class will lead to students making
some of these sites part of their daily reading.
One way in which this class is different from EFL I and II is that you will get to read actual
statutes and case opinions. After the midterm, I will introduce you to a method of reading and
understanding a case known as a “case brief” or “case note.” Finally, at the end of the class, I
would like to try to do either a non-scripted mock trial or a debate, depending on student
50% final exam
40% midterm
10% presentation, homework, classwork, and class participation
 Week 1
o Introduction
 Weeks 2-3
o Selected reading topics
 Weeks 4-6
o Working with statutes
 Week 7
o Midterm
 Weeks 8-10
o Reading and understanding cases
o Case briefing
 Weeks 11-12
o Oral presentations
 Weeks 13-14
o Debate (or mock trial)
 Review
o Final