1 - Abdullah Alsowyan

Analysis Report
(Pythagorean Theorem Project)
Abdullah Alsowyan
California State University, San Bernardino
Analysis Report
1. Introduction and Context
In this analysis, I will explain the points that will help to teach Pythagorean theorem
through some instructional method. In addition, it needs to add some examples and
assessments when I want to create the project to ensure understanding different levels of
2. Who
2a) Process
This phase of the analysis included a discussion with an expert math teacher, a review of
the RFP for this project and a discussion with the funding agent coordinator.
2b) Findings
From Funding Agent:
 The product must be delivered to any user who might want to use it via a link on a
 No firm age limits are available but the anticipated users are junior high (sixth
grade) and above.
 No information is available on prior learning or learning style preferences.
 Should be available in more than one form if needed to ensure that it is accessible
to all potential users.
Expert Math Teacher
 Many students struggle with the concept and with the algebra.
 Students enjoy knowing more about Pythagoras.
 Many different ability levels.
 Students enjoy knowing real world applications for this knowledge (GPS, to
ensure a square angle in construction).
 Diagrams and pictures help student understand this concept.
2c) Implications
Implications for the potential learners in this project include:
Might be able to assume 6th grade reading level.
Use of graphics, animations and diagrams could help students understand the
May want to produce a text version, an illustrated text version and a multiple
media formats to ensure multiple levels of access.
Might want to include background information on Pythagoras.
Might want to include real world examples of how this is used.
May want to include help files or support for the algebra needed to solve these
sorts of problems.
3. What
3a) Process
In this phase of the analysis, we will search for documents that are related to teaching
Pythagorean theorem and reviewing the curriculum in this subject. Moreover, we need to
include the math teachers experience in teaching this theory.
3b) Findings
From Documents:
 The product must be clear for 6th grade and above by imagining he/she has a few
information to understand the method of Pythagorean theorem.
 The product should contain many different shapes of triangle in order to know
how apply the theory.
 The project should show the different ways to get the value not only C but also A
or B.
 Include some basic skills such using the calculator to get the result especially
with big numbers.
From Math Teacher:
 Students need to know how to use this theory in real life such as the roof.
 The theory needs to simplification from the beginning and through the steps in
order to understand by our target age.
 The project should contain some kinds of learning style.
 Using some technology skills that are might help students to understand the
3c) Implications
Implications for the potential learners in this project include:
 They can use the theory in different ways.
 They can use the theory in real life.
 After fully understanding of the theory, they can explain it to other people.
 knowing some math skills by using some kinds of technology.
4. How
4a) Process
This phase of the analysis included a review the assessment after the content has been
taught by math teachers and expert math teacher. In addition, review the literature and
methods of teaching this theory.
4b) Findings
From Literature Review:
 The project should contain an assessment that include a simple test.
 The project needs to include instructional models.
 The project should provide more than one of learning methods.
 Learner's ability to understand the theory is a part of the satisfaction with the
From Math teachers and Expert Math Teacher:
 The content must be able to encourage, and development student's skill in
 The content must include different levels of students' understanding.
 The assessment needs to be in accordance with the approved technical controls.
 The project must include a formative assessment technique that is monitor and
evaluation student before and through and after learning.
4c) Implications
 The ability to assessment the project and learner.
 The satisfaction of students about what they learned.
 The ability to teach a different levels of student.
 Determine the successful instructional models to teach this theory.
5. Conclusions
In conclusion of this analysis, students will able to understand Pythagorean Theorem and
to use it in real life. In addition, the project will increase or create students' logical think
in solving problems through this theory. Moreover, the project fits with our target in
different learning levels.