Leisure Travel Protocol – January 8, 2013, updated November 2014

Leisure Travel Protocol – January 8, 2013, updated November 2014
We live in a world in which travel has become both increasingly important and complex in its variety of modes and choices. Travelers are faced
with a myriad of alternatives as to transportation, accommodations and other travel services. Travelers must depend on travel agencies to guide
them honestly and competently. All Travel Café employees pledge themselves to conduct their business activities in a manner that promotes the
ideal of integrity in travel and agree to act in accordance with the applicable sections of the following Travel Café Code of Ethics.
Contact Info:
 Return their call the same day they call, even if you don’t have all information. Let them know when you will
have information forthcoming.
 When you need to return a leisure traveler call, let them know by what time you will call them back.
 If you are out of the office, advise both via auto-respond email and voicemail when you will be back in the
office and to whom they should speak in your absence.
 Post the hours you work on your email signature.
Information: Build Profiles in Sabre for repeat leisure clients, and Res Cards in CB+ for first time clients, both to
store data for future use.
 100% of calls answered within 30 seconds or 3 rings
 60 seconds max hold time for 100% of calls
 Go over all tour and cruise documents to verify accuracy before giving them to leisure clients in person or over
the phone. Document date this took place.
Services in addition to reservations:
 Book their frequent flyer tickets and upgrades. Charge the applicable fee for tickets.
 If necessary, calendar to confirm seat assignments 24 hours prior to departure.
 Email or snail mail schedule changes 2 weeks prior to departure.
 Include passport and Visa information when applicable
 Send “Thank you” notes to arrive before clients return home
Co-Worker Courtesy: If you book leisure travel for a co-worker’s client while they are gone, please advise them.
Leisure Client Worksheet
Today’s Date: ____________________
Name: ___________________________________
Address: _________________________________
City, ST ZIP: _______________________________
Home Phone: _____________________________
Work Phone: ______________________________
Cell Phone: _______________________________
Tour/Cruise Operator: ___________________________________
Tour/Cruise Phone: ______________________________________
No – Include Signed Waiver
Tour/Cruise Confirmation: ______________________________
Destination(s): ___________________________________________
Date of Birth: _____________________________
Passport info (if applicable): _____________________________
Email: ___________________________________
Hotel(s): _____________________________________________
Companion(s): ____________________________
Method of Payment (circle one):
Car Info: ______________________________________________
Money Order
cc (see below)
CC#: _____________________________________ Expires: _____ Name on Card: __________________________________
Address on Card: ___________________________________________________ SEC Code (3 or 4 digit): _______________
Attach air schedule from Sabre, if applicable
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