Maria Rivera Eng. 112 Prof. Lutzyk 2/4/11 Persuasive essay rough

Maria Rivera
Eng. 112
Prof. Lutzyk
Persuasive essay rough draft
Health is very important to everyone's life. People are looking more into getting
physicals, eating healthier and staying more active. All these factors help everyone live longer.
Yet one of the major things that have come to change and improve how we see medicine is,
technology. Technology has helped in disease prevention, reaction time to illnesses and even
improving the quality of life.
First of all, research has given scientist the upper hand in disease prevention. Looking
through a microscope enables doctors to observe bacteria and viruses that can affect humans. By
doing so doctors can then study the reactions, humans have to these small microorganisms, from
negative to positive reactions. If this is something that is going to affect the body, scientists then
work on a cure to fight the effects. Vaccines and immunizations are a good example to this. By
administrating a small amount of the bacteria through a shot, the human body then creates
antibodies to fight off the disease and even empower the body to not be affected to the disease
any longer. Polio, chicken pox, measles, hepatitis, tetanus are just a few of the standard
preventions anyone gets as they grow up (Boenink, M., 2009).
Secondly the reaction time technology has given doctors around the world to better treat
their patients has increase. Imagine someone having surgery. The operating room is full of
different machinery which helps the surgeon diagnose how the patient is doing while being
treated. The vital sign machine tells the doctor how the heart rate of the patients is doing.
Meanwhile the X-ray machine helps the doctor see how an object or even a bone is obstructing
or affecting the body. For further testing a patient can be put in a MRI machine that can take a
full body scan down to body tissue. Therefore these technological machines have enable doctors
to better assist people (Crocker, C., & Timmons, S., 2009).
Finally technology has increased the quality of life people can have. Diabetic people need
to keep track of their sugar level since their body doesn't make enough insulin. Nowadays there's
a portable small machine the size of a small calculator, that can measure the level. This helps
people with diabetes carry on a more normal life style versus having to go to a drug store or a
doctor’s office to get checked every time they start feeling weak. A pacemaker is also another
device that is implanted inside people to stimulate the heart's rhythm, to not skip beats. All this
technology along with checkups has helped people life longer (Boye, N., 2009).
Scientists are always looking for ways to prevent disease, have a more precise reactions
time and help have a better quality of life. Technology is just a factor who has empower and
allowed all this benefits. What would tomorrow bring and what would technology contribute? It
can't be said, but the outcomes so far are positive and a plus in this world.
Boenink, M. (2009). Tensions and opportunities in convergence: Shifting concepts of
disease in emerging molecular medicine. NanoEthics, 3(3), 243-255.
Boye, N. (2009). The citizen as co-producer of health: The need for “Infusion of
medicine into technology” in future application of information and
communication technology in health. Wireless personal communications, 51(4),
739-751. doi:10.1007/s11277- 009-9771-7.
Crocker, C., & Timmons, S. (2009). The role of technology in critical care nursing.
Journal of advanced nursing, 65(1), 52-61. doi:10.1111/j.13652648.2008.04838.x.
Thesis: Technology has played a huge role in health from disease prevention, reactions time,
and even improving the quality of life.
First of all disease prevention that was possible through research which technology
may possible.
A. Vaccines and immunizations.
B. Guidelines to follow made after research to promote a healthier and long life
C. Simply watching one of many health programs on T.V..
Secondly the reaction time which has enable doctors to react on a timely matter and
safe lives.
A. Vital sign machines
B. X ray and MRI machines
C. Infuse medicine technology (pumps that are regulated for medicine distribution)
III. Finally the quality of life
A. Nowaday’s even someone having a heart failure can carry out a almost normal life
with a pace maker.
B. Diabetics can keep track of their sugar levels with a simple small blood sugar
meter machine that can guide them if they need an insulin shot.
C. Handicap people can become more independent through a chair with a computer
which can even talk for them.
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