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Research Clusters Grant
CLAS and CSCE will co-fund grants of up to $5000 annually for projects in each research
cluster. Grant applications will be due on March 1 and October 1. The granting period will be
one year. The Research Clusters Steering Group will review the grants and make
recommendations to CLAS and CSCE. A report on grant activities will be due to CLAS and
CSCE at the end of the year.
Successful applications will:
request funding for projects focusing on one of the five Research Clusters
(Borders, Brain, Health, Urban, and Water)
involve students
include participation from 3 or more disciplines
demonstrate how a collaborative effort will help solve the question/problem under
investigation in a way that individual effort is less likely to do so
include plans for dissemination of results internally (e.g. faculty research
colloquium, SSD) and externally (e.g. conferences, publications), and
use the grant as seed money to help with seeking external grant funding for a
larger project
Special consideration will be given to projects that include a technology transfer component or a
community engagement component.
Guidelines for Research Clusters Grant Application
Please submit an application of 4-5 pages to the CLAS Deans office by March 1 or October 1,
as an electronic attachment for review by the Research Clusters Steering Group. Please include
CVs of each participating researcher.
Title of project: ____________________________________________________________
Circle the most relevant research cluster:
Project start date: ______________________
Duration of project: ______________________________
Total amount requested: ___________________________
Participants (name, department, designation):
Other internal or external funding sources where one or more participant has submitted a
proposal within the past two years to fund this project or a subset of this project:
Other current internally or externally funded projects in which participants are involved:
Description of project (possible subsections include the following):
Background or context
Question or problem under investigation
Methodology or approach
Expected outcomes from the study
Literature cited
Contributions from each discipline and participant:
(How do the multiple disciplines contribute to the study of the question or problem such that a
single perspective would not?)
Plans for student involvement:
Plans for dissemination:
Technology transfer component, if relevant:
Community engagement component, if relevant:
Budget breakdown:
Budget justification narrative:
Minimum level of support that would allow the project to go forward: