Prototyping Mark Sheet

EE3032 Mark Sheet for Prototyping & Coding (25%) and Design Excellence (10%)
[50 Marks]
[10 Marks]
[10 Marks]
Fill in the shaded fields using a word processor and provide your identification picture.
The identification picture can be from IVLE, or a recent picture that easily identifies you.
A completed copy of this form must be uploaded to wiki, and printed for your examiner.
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Student Name:
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Project Title:
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Feature Name:
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Academic Year:
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Planning and Organisation
System flowcharts are finely detailed and neatly drawn through software
Upload the system flowcharts, LPC1769 pin allocations table, and circuit
schematics, as images on wiki for direct reading
Pin allocations are well optimised with minimal resource wastage
Upload commented program codes as a text file (Notepad readable) or PDF on
wiki. Attachment will be opened for reading
Circuit schematics are correct and well presented
Program codes, with concise comments, are easy to read
Breadboard circuit is well-planned, properly labelled and neatly wired
Feature is effective in solving related problems identified by the project
Feature is robust, and is able to function correctly whenever required
Student is able to present all items in this mark sheet without delays
All the above should be representing your feature only, and not the whole project
Hardware and Software Integration
The overall effort in implementing the feature is assessed
Feature Detail
NOTE: The description must not exceed 150 words.
Award of scores will be based on relevance (R), implementation (I) and
complexity (C) of the feature. Creativity or innovativeness has an impact on the
three criteria formerly mentioned. The three criteria are described in nonexhaustive details below:
You must be able to give a lot of information clearly in a minimal amount of
words, that is, lesser words with concise descriptions and appropriate
paragraphs are required
Relevance: Is the feature, hardware, middleware and algorithms reasonably useful
for project? Will the feature be implementable or can it be up-scaled in real life
considering the current technological limitations, possible budget constraints or
environmental concerns? Are the hardware used justified? Is the majority of the
processing done on the ARM processor (MATLAB processing, webcam connected
to laptop have lower grade impact as compared to LPC interfacing and
programming)? How much realistic considerations were placed into such feature?
Where applicable, it must include details on sensors, noteworthy hardware,
advanced algorithms, actuators and other useful information
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Implementation: Was the demonstration successful without much issue? How
impressive was the demonstration? Did the demonstration involve too many
assumptions or manual manipulations? Was responsiveness and processing
resources considered, such as avoiding delays and inefficient loops, while
considering proper usage of interrupts and polling? Does the feature completely
avoids the use of the IDE debugger and instead focuses on protocols like UART,
I2C, Ethernet, SSP to transfer data and display information? Are batteries used for
standalone projects? Was the feature optimised in terms of LPC1769 pins usage?
How much hours of efficient work would be required for such feature?
Complexity: Did the student consider advanced algorithms? If database is
involved, did the student consider the use of advanced database methods instead
of IF/CASE statements? Did the student use HTTP web pages, Java or Visual
Basic GUI to aid in the displaying of information? How much changes/amendments
are involved for downloadable libraries before the student is able to meet the
specification of the feature? Are advanced mathematical formulas, computational
intelligence algorithms, controllers, filters involved? How complex is it to program
and use the chosen hardware and/or supporting GUI interfaces? How much general
and specialised knowledge or skills would be required for such feature?
Concept of Design Excellence (CODE)
Based on discussion in class and described on the wiki pages
Proof of Design Excellence (PODE)
Based on discussion in class and described on the wiki pages
Examiner’s Remarks Regarding the Student Being Assessed
Including essential changes expected to be implemented by the final
demonstration of the project
If applicable, did the student complete any required introductory tasks?
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