Here. - Wilson Creek

Town of Wilson Creek
December 10, 2015
Council Present: Mayor Kathy Bohnet, Raymond Kelby, Howard Thorsen, Scott Mortimer and Kellie Ribail
arrived at 6:06.
Guests: Kevin Newland and Dave Nelson
Staff present: Lesa Nugent and Susan James
6:00 p.m. – Open the meeting and the public hearings on the Interim Zoning Marijuana Moratorium and on the
2016 Budget and with the Pledge of Allegiance.
Minutes: Motion to approve the minutes. A motion made by H. Thorsen and seconded by R. Kelby adopted
the minutes. Motion carried.
Good News: Christmas decorations are up thanks to Howard and Harriet Thorsen and Lesa. We received the
TIB Overlay Program Grant for $118,531 project number 2-E-867(004)-1. This grant portion pertains to
Railroad Street from 4th Street to 7th Street. The county will reconstruct the base NIC, 4-inch HMA, 24-ft wide,
L = 1,200 feet; Center skip stripe & fog lines; and also put a dry well at 4th Street and Railroad estimated county
match for rebuild is $85,000. We received the DOT Grant for Safety Routes to School for $186,035. We
received the Grant County Public Works Yard Debris Grant for $4,500. We will be receiving our 5% retainage
for the Imminent Threat Grant from Washington State Dept. of Commerce for $4,084. We reviewed the
achievements Mayor Bohnet has accomplished for the 16 years of service over $3.5 million dollars awarded in
various grants. Many thanks for the 14 years of service Vera Bauman has provided as council member and 15
years of service as our town clerk. Howard Thorsen served as council member for 12 years along with assisting
with mechanical repairs on our town equipment and working on the Department of Ecology Yard Debris Grant.
Our community is outstanding because of the commitment and dedication you three have provided to Wilson
Creek. Thank you. Mike Conley and Kevin Newland submitted their letter of interest for the position of
mayor. S. Mortimer made a motion to table the selection of mayor until next meeting. R. Kelby seconded it.
Motion carried.
Council Concerns: S. Mortimer inquired about the airport gate and reservoir. Scott observed someone
driving out the full length of the runway and driving out of town on Road R. He noticed the cable connected to
the gate is at ground level and it is possible for someone to get into the airport and we need to take action.
While he was up surveying this situation he also noticed the reservoir needs to be repaired. After council
discussion it was decided that Lesa would contact Port Commissioner Roger Blackman and work together to
remedy these two issues. There are barrier blocks available and our back hoe should be able to put the block in
Public Comment: Lindsey Reynolds requested a link for broadband cable and TV to our town website. We
are contacting Odessa Office and Nicholas Odorizzi for their opinion on this matter.
Clerk/Treasurer Report: 1. K. Ribail made a motion to approve the Treasurers Report and the pay the
December 2015 bills #9134-9155 in the amount of $6,717.62, and direct deposit to the IRS electronically
$357.07 (totaling $7,074.69). S. Mortimer seconded it. Motion carried. Mayor Bohnet closed the hearings.
Susan reviewed the 2016 budget and answered questions. The Town will work in combination with the school
to keep the roads maintained during the winter. Shawn will coordinate with county when the school hill needs
to be sanded.
Maintenance Report:
Old Business:
Dave Nelson attended our meeting and explained the new contract between Grant County and
Wilson Creek for building permit services. The agreement has an expiration date of July 31, 2019. H. Thorsen
made a motion to authorize Interlocal Agreement with Grant County building department and the Town. R.
Kelby seconded it. Motion carried. There was discussion about the code enforcement. The code enforcement
agent for the county is Nathan Poplawski. They begin with the process by issuing notices. The notice of
violation can cost individuals up to $1,000. According to Dave Nelson, the county has not been very successful
in their code enforcement.
New Business: S. Mortimer made a motion to adopt Resolution 2015-05 Declaration of Emergency due to
severe wind on November 17, 2015. K. Ribail seconded it. Motion carried. S. Mortimer made a motion to
adopt Ordinance #414(2015) 2 year Interim Zoning Regulations on Marijuana, with legal advice. H. Thorsen
seconded it. Motion carried. H. Thorsen made a motion to adopt Ordinance #415(2015) 2016 Budget. S.
Mortimer seconded it. Motion carried. K. Ribail made a motion to authorize Mayor Bohnet to sign the DOT –
Century West Engineering Consultant Agreement. R. Kelby seconded it. Motion carried.
R. Kelby made a motion to adjourn this meeting. K. Ribail seconded it. Motion carried at 7:39 p.m. Our next
council meeting will be on Thursday, January 14th, at 6:00 p.m.
___________________________Pro Tem Mayor
January 14, 2016 Date
________________________________ Clerk