bamboo children`s clothing, bedding and homecare products

Date of issue: 13 September 2011
Bamboo Textiles has created the ultimate cuddle collection of super soft, natural and beautiful bamboo clothing and
textile products – from cuddle robes, nappies and bibs for babies to pyjamas and
bedding for older children as well as bedding, robes and cleaning products for the
whole family.
The entire new eco friendly range, now available exclusively online at, is made from the revolutionary bamboo fIbre, which is
100% organically grown and a totally sustainable alternative to cotton. Plus bamboo
fabric feels as soft to the skin as silk or cashmere and is natural anti-bacterial – great
for helping to manage and minimize any allergic or skin conditions, from eczema to
athlete’s foot.
Bamboo fabric has only been around since 2002 when some clever people in China succeeded in making a yarn out of
bamboo fibre but it beats cotton hands down on every count. A real wonder fibre for the 21st century, bamboo is
more breathable than cotton, it’s more absorbent than cotton but it dries as quickly, it’s naturally antibacterial, it’s
softer to the touch yet it is more durable than cotton, and it’s much more ecologically sustainable than cotton.
Based in Lancashire, the new Bamboo Textiles range is suitable for the whole family and prices start at just £2.75. The
product ranges include:
BABIES AND CHILDREN: We all want to give our children the very best start in life, and what better than to opt for a
completely natural material that feels like you’ve wrapped them in silk, protects against germs and allergies, keeps
them cool in summer and warm in winter (drawing moisture away from the body and also insulating as a base layer),
has natural deodorizing properties and is as washable and durable as cotton? Bamboo Textiles has created the
perfect capsule cuddle collection, which includes:
* Bamboo Baby Cuddle Robe with hood and wash mitt (£11.00) – a perfect gift
for a newborn and, being 30% more absorbent than cotton, baby gets dry and
warm faster.
* Bamboo girls and boys pyjamas in navy or pink for ages 1 to 9 (£15.00). Perfect
for nightwear with elasticated cuffs to keep the fabric close to their skin or to
wear as a base layer for winter sports
* Bamboo baby bibs (£2.75)
* Bamboo fitted cot sheet (£9.40)
* Bamboo baby towel (£5.00)
* Bamboo covered toddler’s pillow (£8.50)
* Bamboo toddlers’ pillowcases (£8.50)
* Bamboo wash mitt (£3.00)
* Nappy booster pack to use as washable liners in reusable or washable nappies (£7.50 for 5/ £24 for 20))
Boxed set of fitted nappies, outers, liners, wet bag, paper roll - bamboo has a natural deodorising property! (£135)
FAMILY AND HOME: The bamboo range offers natural luxury to enjoy everyday. Soft and silky, bamboo has a high
absorption of perspiration so the products feel cool in summer and cosy in winter. Highlights of the range include:
* Bamboo bath towel (£15.50) and bath sheet (£23.50) that are incredibly soft on your
skin and 30% more absorbent than cotton.
* Bamboo facial beauty towel/ washcloth (£3.00) so you can be kind to your skin every
* Bamboo bathrobes (£42.00) for men and women in natural cream colour with the
same accelerated absorption to get you dry and warm after the bath and the
antibacterial properties that will make them great for anyone with skin allergies.
* Gym sweat towels (£4.25) Lightweight, compact and ultra absorbent as well as
naturally anti-bacterial. Available in Natural Cream with choice of piping edges in
pistachio, blue or pink
Organic bed linen - Bamboo Bedroom products, all in
pale cream colour (the natural colour of bamboo) include bamboo fitted sheets,
duvet covers, pillowcases and bed linen. The linen is ideal for helping allergy and
eczema sufferers in particular get a better night’s sleep, thanks to their super soft feel
and anti-bacterial properties. Prices range from £12 for a pair of pillowcases up to
£70 for a super king size duvet cover, and also include sheets and fixed pillows.
So why is bamboo such a great alternative to traditional fabrics? Bamboo is
completely organic and one of the fastest natural growing plants on the planet, with some species growing at a rate of
3 feet per day! It uses no chemicals or assistance to grow but by contrast, cotton for just one t-shirt will take roughly
one-third of a pound of chemicals (pesticides and fertilizers) to grow. The organic bamboo fabric can be used in just
the same way cotton, linen and synthetics, but the difference is that Bamboo has a naturally anti bacterial element
due to the somewhat mysterious “bamboo kun”. The Bamboo Textiles products are manufactured in mills in
Lancashire, the traditional home of textile manufacturing.
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