Section C - Applicant`s Declaration

Monash-Cambridge Degree Pathway Application Form – 2015
Submission of form:
Undergraduate students
Postgraduate students
Student Services, Faculty of Law,
15 Ancora Imparo Way,
Monash University, Wellington Road,
Clayton VIC 3800
Monash University Law Chambers (MULC),
555 Lonsdale Street (Corner of Crombie Lane and Lonsdale Street),
Melbourne VIC 3000
1. Login to
2. Select the Ask a Question tab
3. Choose Student Administration from
the Category drop-down list
4. Type or copy/paste the following phrase
into the question field: Cambridge College
[email protected]
In person or mail:
All sections MUST be completed otherwise your application will not be processed
Section A - Personal details
Student ID number
Given Names
Date of Birth
Title: Miss / Ms / Mr or Other -
Postal Address for
Postcode: ___________________________
Student email address
Home number
Student status (tick)
Mobile number
International student (home country) ______________________
 Domestic student
Section B - Course details
Course Name
Course Code
Course Start Date
Current Year of Study
Expected completion date
Course Status (circle)
full time / part time
Section C - Applicant’s Declaration
On signing this application form I declare:
That I meet all of the faculty student eligibility requirements for this pathway agreement
That the information provided on this form and the information given to support my application is correct and complete
I acknowledge that my application will be returned to me should it not be completed correctly
That in order to avoid financial and/or academic penalties it is my responsibility to remain informed of principal dates and census
dates relative to my enrolment and accept any penalties applied in the event I do not comply
That I will represent Monash University in a manner that does not compromise the integrity or reputation of the University and
Faculty in any way during this study
I acknowledge that Monash University Faculty of Law reserves the right to vary or reverse any decision on the basis of incorrect or
incomplete information.
Student signature: __________________________________
All applicants will be notified by email of their approval to apply to Cambridge University
PRIVACY The information on this form is collected for the primary purpose of applying for the program which includes assessment of your application and
sending you related correspondence. If you choose not to complete all the questions on this form, it may not be possible for the Faculty to process your
application. If you wish to access or inquire about the handling of your personal information contact the University Privacy Officer:
[email protected]