CPP Stage 2 - Accredited Study Abroad

Collaborative Provision Approval: Stage 2 Due Diligence for Accredited Study
Abroad (ASA)
This form is required to be completed in support of the Due Diligence procedure for Accredited Study
Abroad. ASA occurs where modules to the value of at least 60 credits of the programme (minimum of 60
credits) are delivered overseas by a Partner Institution and can apply to both undergraduate and taught
postgraduate programmes.
(The University’s Collaborative Provision Procedure is available as part of the Academic Handbook at:
http://www.governance.salford.ac.uk/page/academic_handbook )
Collaborative Partner(s) (full title, address and country):
Level of credits to be delivered abroad
(if Level 6 or above subject to institutional level approval):
Volume of credits to be delivered abroad:
(if greater than 60 credits at any level then subject to institutional level approval)
Proportion of the programme to be delivered overseas:
School Lead contact (including phone number and email):
Collaborative Partner Vice-Chancellor/Principal/CEO (including name and postal address)
Collaborative Partner Lead Contact (including phone number and email):
Status of Collaborative Partner1 (e.g. private, public funded, relative status etc):
Awarding powers Partner has in the UK or overseas:
Outline the proposed partnership and provide further information on the partners:
Stage 1: Approval In Principle
Approval in Principle considers a description of proposed collaboration including timescale for delivery,
business need and strategic fit, key benefits, key and a financial summary.
Date of ACDC Approval in Principle:
Recommendations of ACDC:
Stage 2: Due Diligence
School, College and University Professional Services business and strategic approval
With due account taken of the Head of International Partnerships advice on the standing of the potential
partner, the emphasis is on a collaboration between equal partners rather than the University 'approving' the
standing of another HEI. However, approval of the partner, no matter how prestigious an institution, does of itself
not constitute approval of the proposed collaboration as the more important emphasis is on the approval of the
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(Approval in Principle must be acquired before this stage)
Head of School
Confirm that the School supports the proposal as consistent with the School’s strategy.
Confirm that the business case and financial model, informed by the costing calculator developed for
Collaborative Provision by Finance Department has been approved by the School
Provide comments on any issues arising in relation to recognition of the award by Professional, Statutory
and Regulatory Bodies.
Date of approval:
Academic Finance Team
Confirm that the financial model has been approved at College level
Dean of College
Confirm that the College endorses the proposal as consistent with the College’s strategy.
Date of approval:
Senior Finance Manager (Academic)
Comment on the financial stability of the collaborative partner.
Confirm, where appropriate, that financial due diligence has been completed:
Detail any comments on financial due diligence
University Legal Team
Confirm notification has been made to the University Legal Team regarding the intentions to develop an
agreement. Please use the online form to contact the legal Team http://legal-services.salford.ac.uk/).
Date contract agreement to be completed and signed (must be before the partnership commences):
Advised by the Head of International Partnerships where appropriate please provide details of any items
of due diligence and confirmation that they have been addressed:
Student Administration: Progression
Confirmation of Registration status of Students
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University Librarian (or nominee)
Confirmation of student access rights to Library and Learning Services (including relevant licences,
copyright etc) whilst Studying Abroad have been agreed with School
Head of IT Services (or nominee)
Confirmation of student access rights to IT Services whilst Studying Abroad have been agreed with
International Director & Head of Partnerships (for International Collaborative Provision only)
Provide advice on likely legal or approval issues in the country of the collaborative partner and
confirmation any legal requirement has been met.
Date requirements met:
Provide advice on any issues arising from the recognition of the award in the country of the collaborative
Date additional requirements met:
Chair of University Standing Panel
(for proposals below Level 6 and for 60 credits or less, to be reported to APPC)
Chair of APPC
(for proposals at Level 6 or above and/or over 60 credits)
Confirm that the above requirements have been satisfactorily addressed.
Identify and any specific academic quality assurance requirements for consideration stage 3:
Date of APPC Approval:
Richard Clemens
Governance Services Unit, October 2014
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