Training cum orientation on MCTS and new integrated RCH register

Institute of
Health and
MCTS Goa training
Conducted by NIHFW
(7th- 8th March)
A training-cum-orientation on ‘MCTS and New Integrated RCH Register’ for Health Officers
of all health facilities of both districts at State level was held during 07-08 March 2013 in
Panaji, Goa.
The objective of the training was
To strengthen and enhance MCTS programme and
To orient all Health Officers for filling up the new integrated RCH Register
Two consultants Dr. Uma Chawla, Public Health consultant, MoHFW and Dr. ParulArora,
Monitoring and Evaluation consultant, NIHFW imparted training on RCH register and MCTS
to the health officials. A total 60 participants from both the districts of Goa comprised of
Medical officers, data entry operators, Health, Data Management Officials.
On the day of our arrival at Panaji (6th March), we met with the State RCH Officer, CMO,
Family welfare at DHS Office, Campbel, Panaji.
He briefed us on the schedule of the training. As the monthly meeting of the state was to be
held on 7th during the first half, so we asked him if we could attend, he agreed and we
attended the same the next day.
On 6th, a detailed discussion was carried with him on RCH register, MCTS implementation,
non-availability of ASHA, additional ANMs at private institution, and innovation in their
HMIS format for gathering MCTS data from it.
We came to know that in the absence of ASHAs outreach work suffers to some extent, but
here ANM does the field visit and all the ANC check-ups are being conducted by the doctors
himself/ herself.
Also he told us as 70% of the beneficiaries visit the private institutions so to monitor them,
they had proposed 8 ANMs for the private institutions, but the ministry has sanctioned 2 of
And they had thought of clinical establishment of private institutions so that all the private
institutions share data with MCTS. Further he added that calls made from Centre to the state
in beneficiary’s house, poses problem in the state as the people here feel reluctant to share
their personal details of pregnancy.
The participants from each district were invited over two days, First half on the first day i.e
7thMarch,we participated in the review meeting of the State onvarious health programmes
(IDSP, HIV Aids, Blindness control programme,MCTS). The participants were Medical
officers, Public Health Nurses and Extension Educators. This review meeting enlightened us
on their working condition, capacity, and their innovation of the state. The 2 days training
was being held at the conference room at DHS, Goa.
Resource person:
Two resource persons, Dr. Uma Chawla, Public health consultant, MoHFW, Dr.
ParulAroraM& E Consultant, NIHFW had delivered the training.
Lecture discussion, power point Presentation
Training on RCH register and MCTS:
RCH Register
The importance of the roll out of the Integrated RCH register was told to the participants,
that it will reduce the work load of ANMs of maintaining bulky and separate registers on
various parameters like (Eligible Couple, Family planning, Family, JSY, death, live
birth, etc)
It was told that it would be a boon to MCTS, as it will help in real time data entry and
updationof the field work conducted by ANM.
The integrated RCH register was explained through the presentation and all the doubts of
the participants were made clear.
Following queries rose during the training:
1) How to implement the RCH integrated register in a setting where a Sub Centre caters 2
villages comprising ofa population of 18,000.
2) How to tackle the revenue villages?
3) There should be separate column for the migratory / rented population
4) How to implement RCH register in half urban and half rural village
Following observations/ issues rosewith regard to MCTS:
1) The State does not send the workplanto ANMs via SMS
2) ANC services are not rendered by the ANMs, and they keep record of the ANC services
given by the Doctor
3) There are migrants from the state of Karnataka
4) PNC details were not captured, as the ladies who deliver at the private hospitals are being
discharged after 5 days
5) How to enter the back date on portal, If the lady receives the first, second ANC services
from the private hospital and comes in government facility in her subsequent third and
fourth ANC
6) If the lady goes back to Karnataka after delivery and comes back to Goa with a child of 5
months, then that child could be entered in the MCTS or not?
7) On selecting the beneficiary as OBC, The portal entitles it as JSY beneficiary. Because
JSY benefits are rendered yes by default after selecting the beneficiary as OBC
On the last day there was a concluding session, chaired by the Mission Director of Goa in the
second half.
We also visited Ella, Sub centre and Corlim Primary Health Centre during our visit to Goa.
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