PART 1. Choose the correct answer:
1. I am very tired. I_________________ all day.
a) have worked
b) will have worked
c) am working
d) have been working
2. Mike __________ his key. He can’t find it anywhere.
a) is lost
b) have been losing
c) has lost
d) have lost
3. Jane ___________ the street when she saw an accident.
a) was crossing
a) was seeing
b) will be crossing
b) will see
c) crossed
c) would see
d) crossing
d) saw
4. The doorbell __________ while Tom was watching TV.
a) was ringing
b) will ring
c) rang
d) rings
5. How long ________ Carol?
a) have you known
b) did you knot
c) were you knowing
d) have you been knowing
6. My sister’s behaviour is so annoying. She ____________ asking strange questions.
a) always asks
b) always asked
c) is always asking
d) was always asking
7. Where is Chris? I _________________ from him since last Tuesday.
a) didn’t hear
b) haven’t heard
c) haven’t been hearing
d) don’t hear
8. I’ve decided to paint my room. - What color ____________________ paint it?
a) are you going to
b) will you
c) have you
d) are you to
9. Linda is travelling around Europe. She _________________ for six months. She
_____ ten countries.
a) has travelled
a) has visited
b) was travelling
b) has been visiting
c) has been travelling
c) had visited
d) is travelling
d) is visiting
10. Jane was waiting for me when I _______________.
a) was arrived
b) arrived
c) will arrive
d) had arrived
11. The suitcase is very heavy. - I _____________ you.
a) will help
b) am going to help
c) have helped
d) would help
12. You missed a great party last night. You ______________
a) should come
b) must have come
c) should have come
d) would come
13. The phone rang but I didn’t hear it. I _________ asleep.
a) must be asleep
b) should be
c) should have been
d) must have been
14. I live in London, but this week I __________ in Newcastle.
a) stay
b) am staying
c) staying
d) will have stayed
15. Liz needs a change. She _______________ away for a few days.
a) should go
b) should have gone
c) needn’t have gone
d) was able to go
PART II. Circle the correct answer.
Michal recommended us to visit/ visiting Prague.
Do you remember to lock/ locking the front door?
I can’t stand to wait/waiting at the bus stop.
Jake couldn’t help to laugh/laughing when he saw her.
I regret to inform you/informing you that you are not accepted for this job.