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FEA Essay2: Compare and Contrast
A Comparison and Contrast
Between Eastern Medicine and
Western Medicine
Student's Name: Jung Ji Yoon
Student ID #: HYUGAC06006
Teacher: Ben Hur
Due Date: 15 March 2012
Word Count: 292 words
Jung Ji Yoon
Question: Compare and contrast western and eastern medicine.
The development of medical techniques changes human life dramatically. In ancient times,
there was no idea of medicine so people just let injuries heal up naturally or did
unprofessional treatments like home remedies As times went on, medicine developed
systematically and became professional. There are similarities and differences between eastern
medicine and western medicine.
One of the big differences is basis of philosophy. Eastern medicine thinks that Qi is the base
of a human and that qi is the most important thing in medicine. However western medicine thinks
that humans can handle nature and they believe outside substance cause illness so they
can control the sickness. In addition, Eastern medicine considers the mental and physical to be one
and connected, so their all medical care is based on psychosocial aspects. In contrast, western
medicine regards the mind and body to be different things and not connected. These basic
backgrounds creates totally different ways of treatment.
Second, Eastern medicine treats the whole person but western medicine treats the
damaged part of the body. It means eastern is more general and western is more
sectional and specific. If you go to a Chinese acupuncture and herbal clinic, the doctor may
examine a patient overall. It focuses on preventing disease. However, when you visit a western
hospital, the doctor will ask you where do you hurt and treat just the aching part. It gives priority to
fixing the disease after it happens.
However there are similarities between eastern medicine and western medicine. Both have
the same purpose and goal; they pursue a patient's recovery and health.
In summary, there are many differences between eastern and western medicine but their
purpose they aim to achieve is the same. Like this, we have to bridge the medicine of the east and
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Jung Ji Yoon
the west and should be harmonized to supplement each of their weakness. Then, modern medical
effect might be reinforced.
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Jung Ji Yoon
Eastern versus Western Medicine, stresssolutions[online]. Available at:
http://www.stresssolutions.info/vrs.htm [Accessed 14 March 2012]
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