Monthly Report March, 2014 Project: An Inkjet


Monthly Report March, 2014 Project:

An Inkjet-Printable Node with Olfactory-Sensing for Environmental Monitoring (IP-NOSE)


Team members (highlight team member modification, e.g., new members join, or some students graduate) Ph.D. student: Chang-Hung Lee, Wen-Yu Chuang Graduate: Chia-Cheng Chen, Sung-Yuan Yang, Wei Wang, and Wei-Ting Shih 2. Discussion with champions a. How many times? (please inform if it is face-face,by phone, or e-mail) 2 times via e-mail b. What are the major comments/conclusion from the discussion Discuss the progress and setup a phone meeting on 3/13. 3. Progress between last month and this month a. Summary of key findings and innovation, and/or 1) Test the selectivity of printed sensor on chip, the response of both PEDOT and PEDOT/AZO sensors to CO, CO 2 and NO can be shown in above table. 2) Further summarized the characterization of PANI/PEI material, performed high variation to humidity but no response to formaldehyde. 3) Further summarized the properties of polypyrrole after methanol treatment, the methanol treatment can improve the degradation in frequently detection and ambient environment but degrade sensitivity for CO 2 sensing (from about 7% variation to lower than 1% variation). b. Negative results and their consequences, and/or c. Cross-project synergy 4. Brief plan for the next month: Updated view of planned milestones, deliverables, and success criteria

1) Research the optimal synthesis of polypyrrole to improve the stability and sensitivity to CO 2 . 2) Test the characterization of CNT/PMMA material to formaldehyde sensing. 3) Further summarized the selectivity of printed sensor on chip. 5. Research byproducts a. Paper (submissions, or acceptance) n/a b. Talks (invitation received and given), and others n/a