Behavioral Support Quarterly Cougar Pride Party

It is the philosophy of Merryhill School that all students, parents, and school staff work
together to create an environment that is physically and emotionally safe. Our goal is to
provide all students with a positive learning climate; therefore, all students have a
responsibility to behave in a manner that allows teachers to teach and students to learn.
Each individual deserves to be treated fairly and courteously, and it is our goal to
develop positive and responsible behaviors through direct teaching using modeling and
varied strategies, offering replacement behaviors, and using positive reinforcement.
This system includes proactive strategies for defining, teaching, and supporting
appropriate student behaviors. Success also strongly depends on parent support and
follow-up at home. Through the implementation of this plan it is our goal to design and
support an effective environment that:
Encourages positive behavior
Maximizes instructional time and academic outcomes
Provides behavioral support in the form of incentives, positive recognition, natural
consequences, and the teaching of appropriate behaviors
Deals with problematic behavior proactively using positive discipline
Fosters mutual respect of things, ourselves, and others
Merryhill‘s School-Wide Behavior Plan teaches, supports, and rewards courtesy,
generosity, and respect in all of its students, teaching faculty, and staff.
Support of
and Positive
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at School and
at Home
Modeling and
Pride Party
Student of the
Month and
Colors of a
Cougar Raffle
Courtesy, generosity, and respect are the expected social responsibilities of our
Cougars, our faculty, and our staff.
Defining, Modeling, and Rewarding Positive Behavior: In-class behavior lessons,
small group instruction, and school-wide assemblies will be held to define and model
behavior expectations and positive behavior. Equally, teachers and assistant teachers
will meet regularly for professional development in the areas of teaching, supporting,
and rewarding positive behavior.
Student-of-the-Month: Students who display courtesy, generosity, and respect at all
times can be nominated by our teachers or their peers for the Student-of-the-Month
award. Award winners are recognized at a monthly assembly and honored at a sweet
treat party.
Caught You Being Good Raffle: Cougars caught being good (i.e. displaying courtesy,
generosity, respect) will receive a raffle ticket. A raffle is held weekly, to reward one
lucky Cougar from each class.
Cougar Pride Party: At the end of each quarter all Cougars big and small are invited to
attend an assembly and celebration in their honor. The assembly will focus on
encouraging positive behavior by extending one of the colors of a Cougar. Following the
assembly, a community celebration will be held. Full of activities, games, and treats.
Behavioral Support: At Merryhill Calvine we feel that inappropriate behaviors can be
changed through continuous and progressive behavior intervention and support. Our
behavioral support program works to help the child:
Acknowledge and take responsibility for his/her behavior.
Identify the reason for the negative behavior.
Identify situations/environments that set off the negative behavior.
Understand the consequences of the negative behavior.
Identify and practice positive and appropriate behavior.
Recognize the benefits of appropriate behavior to themselves and others.
Staff will reinforce appropriate behavior with positive tangible and/or intangible rewards
and/or feedback (praise, stickers, free time, positive notes home, etc.).
Discipline Policies:
Individual class rules are established by the classroom teacher with student
input. Rules will be stated in positive terms and posted within the classroom.
Parents should have a copy of classroom rules and expectations.
Reasonable outcomes/consequences are established and discussed for both
appropriate and inappropriate behaviors.
Appropriate behaviors are taught and reinforced.
Consequences include reflection on the part of the student, the identification of
appropriate choices, parent contact, loss of play time, and referral to the
With recurring inappropriate behaviors the goal is to teach and reinforce the
appropriate choices. Individual behavior plans may be required if behavior is
frequent and not redirected though various techniques. (Inappropriate behavior is
any behavior that disrupts the teaching process, interrupts other student’s right to
learn, is threatening or dangerous, is disrespectful to oneself, others, or
school/personnel property.)
Recurring inappropriate or difficult behaviors will be documented by the
classroom teacher and communicated to parents. .
Consequences will be designed to fit the behaviors and situations of the
individual student.
Multiple referrals to the principal will result in a conference with the principal,
parent, and student to develop a behavior intervention plan.
Behaviors that put others at risk, physically or verbally, are not tolerated and
result in immediate removal from the classroom and possibly from the school
through an in-house, home suspension, or expulsion. A parent must meet with
the principal under these circumstances prior to the student returning to class.
Behavioral Expectations:
At all times, students are expected to:
 Be respectful of each other (share, collaborate, use appropriate language and
humor, no bullying, fighting, stealing)
 Be honest
 Be responsible for one’s own behavior
 Be prepared for each class (supplies and assignments, arrive on time)
 Be respectful of school property (clean up after self and others, no graffiti, eat in
designated areas only, no gum ANYWHERE ON CAMPUS, dispose of garbage,
keep books and equipment in good condition, no stealing)
 Be safe at all times (walk, quiet voices, no throwing of objects, no pushing, leave
unapproved items at home, follow playground rules)
 Be respectful of all staff and follow the instructions given
 Be in designated, supervised areas at appropriate times (do not wander hallways
or go in unattended rooms)
 Play all games fairly (follow the rules, listen to the supervisor or coach, respect
opponents, good sportsmanship, resolve conflicts peacefully)
 Be in appropriate uniform
Within the classroom, students are also expected to:
 Complete all assignments and come to class prepared (paper, pencil, notebooks,
planner, books)
Be respectful of their teacher and classmates (listen, speak in turn, use
appropriate voice level, use appropriate language, save jokes and socializing for
appropriate times – break, lunch, before and after school)
Follow established rules as well as those specifically assigned by each teacher.
Remain in class unless permission is granted by the teacher to leave the room to
retrieve supplies or use the restroom. A prompt return to class is expected.
Students complete their own work. Students may not copy the work of others,
peers or authors, without citing their sources.
If the behavior expectations cannot be resolved through the above policies and
procedures, or if the problem is serious, we reserve the right to suspend or expel a child
for unsatisfactory behavior in order to insure the health and safety of all children. We
may also suspend or expel a child for lack of parental assistance in efforts to work with
a difficult child and/or violations of our policies.
In school suspension – student completes the school day and assigned work in a
designated location on the school premises.
Out of school suspension – student completes the school day and assigned work
at home.
Expulsion – student is disenrolled from the school and may not return.
I acknowledge that I have received the Student Behavioral Expectations document and
have reviewed it with my child/ren.
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