Relaxation Techniques

This is comparatively a small part of the treatment but it’s valuable and before
you think you will be huffing and puffing on the massage couch like some kind of
steam train, I think some further explanation is needed.
During the massage I encourage two additional relaxation techniques,
namely Square and Visceral Breathing. They reduce tension and increase
gaseous exchange which leads to cellular rejuvenation. The techniques make
the treatment more effective and can be used on their own too.
The adult cardiovascular system is comprised of about sixty thousand miles
of blood vessels, housing a reservoir packed full of health balancing cells. They
are reliant on the functionality of a pulsating four sectioned, ten ounce mass,
aka the heart and the efficiency of two inflatable sacks: the lungs. Amongst
other things, our hearts contain units called pacemaker cells which contribute to
the patterns of our lives. These components are yours to work with.
One of the best ways of managing stress, calming heightened emotion,
reducing panic or easing anxiety is to take some controlled deep breaths. The
Yogis believe if we can control our breath, we can control our lives. If we also
adopted their equally idyllic mantra of living in the present, unless I am missing
the point or over simplifying, none of us would have ambition, or a pension!
However I appreciate the essence of these extremely desirable attitudes and
justify their place in our lives!
It doesn’t take much to supplement the aspiration of a good life by
breathing as fully as our lung capacities will allow. Maybe there should be a new
saying “breathe fully, live fully”. Living calmly has its perks.
Over time the human body has been microscopically separated into
systems and their functions determined scientifically. Having awareness of our
own bodies helps us understand them: to feel reassured when things are healthy
and assist them if they aren’t. Attentiveness to our heart beat gives recognition
to our personal patterns and how we feel about them. Our bodies will action
protest if we aren’t doing what they need us to do in order to live well.
If we are too heavily dependent on our sympathetic nervous systems without
achieving enough recovery time from its affects [it charges us up for action by
accelerating the heart rate; surges adrenalin; shunts blood to the muscles and
shuts down digestion or any other function we could do without at that time]
then we are highly likely in for a shortfall health wise. Some people, as long as
they sleep well, are able to function well in this extremely charged mode.
Miraculously they avoid the emergence of any health compromises. The rest of
us mere mortals have to learn to recognise the boundaries of our own unique
emotional, mental and physical strains.
Recognising our individual cues distinguishes the potential for alteration.
Then we can better nurture ourselves and, with any joy, this habit will extend to
the people in our lives who we love and care about too.
Relaxation Techniques
Zillah Gracie Brink