Mc Cain was born in 29 August 1936.

Who is he ?
Mc Cain was born in 29 August 1936.
He was the Republican candidate who presented himself at the
Presidential elections of 2008. Finally he lost with 46,1% votes.
The real question is Why ? :
John McCain was in the begining of september stopped because
the financial plight of Lehman Brothers banks. Critics thinks Barack Obama
seems most “master of himself” during the three Presidential debates.
During a meeting in Lakeville (Minnesota’s states), Mc Cain took
the side of his adversary democrat who was the target of attack more and
more villains of the Republican’s camp. He said “Barack Obama is a good
person, you mustn’t e afraid about him if he becomes the president of the
United States of America”. The crowd hoot him !
He just disposed 150$ million dollars when Barack Obama used
605$ million, the reasons of it inequality were, the national channels ABC, CBS & NBC gave preferential
treatment for Obama’s Campaign, they thought he was a better choice..
Carte des résultats des élections 2008 :