geological ecologists

My name is Ana María Rojas (Colombia)
I am Colombian geologist to the National University, member to the Research Colombian
Group in Medical Geology and member to the IMGA Student committee. I am very
interesting to learn about geology veterinary and to promove this science in my country
through the research line "Medical geology health and animal conservation". I want to
know where exist a MSc about this subject or similars.
The main aim of this research is to promote multi-and interdisciplinary work about
conservation and life quality of wildlife covering both, wild and domestic. For this job it
is required the national and international cooperation of geologists, biologists,
veterinaries, ecologists, zootechnists, ethologists.
The work with wildlife has the following goals:
• the preservation of habitats through the understanding of the biogeochemical cycles
that control the ecosystems,
• the improvement of quality life in the zoos.
The objectives of the work with domestic wildlife are:
• to relate pathologies with minerals present or not in the environment and diet,
• to use natural resources for the treatment of diseases.
I invite you to publicate your papers about this theme in the first Geological Medical
Bulletin of Colombia. This invitation is for all people work in Medical geology.
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