Spring Newsletter 2013

Minnesota Evans Scholars
Alumni Newsletter
Spring 2013
Hello, Alumni!
The 2013 spring semester has passed the halfway benchmark, and here at the
Minnesota Evans Scholars Chapter we have been extremely busy and do not intend
on slowing down. The current scholars continue to accomplish great things around
the campus community, and hopefully you will get a picture of their great
achievements in this letter. Our house continues to be dedicated and involved in
philanthropic events, academics, and chapter living and is always seeking new ways
to make a difference not only in our school community but a far as we can reach into
the real world as well.
I would like to take this time to introduce myself; my name is Justin Bevan and I am
the new Minnesota Alumni Relations Chair. I am very grateful and enthusiastic
towards my new position. I would like you to know that, with the advent of a new
year and its accompanying opportunities, I am optimistic to meet a personal goal I
set to strengthen alumni relationships by establishing new, as well as honing in on
existing, Evans Scholars networks. I would very much appreciate any support or
help you can give us with this endeavor; you can start by keeping your eyes and ears
open for the annual Founder’s Day event, taking place this coming 20th of May.
As for our current achievements as a chapter, the list exceeds a length that anyone
would like or that I would ever send to someone to read so I have narrowed it down
to a select few:
Troy Beckman (Senior): Coaching Roseville Sophomore baseball for 2nd year.
Accepted into masters of teaching program at Bethel
Jamie Burnett (Senior): Started work as an intern with Partners in Food Solutions
Cianna Edwards (Freshman): Nominated as freshman of the year for a student group.
Nate Fremling (Senior): Admitted to the Tom Burnett Advanced Leadership Training
Program, a program that seeks to further develop the top 14 student leaders on the
University of Minnesota campus.
Mike Hau (Sophomore): Accepted to extend summer internship with investment banking
firm Oppenheimer.
Travis Herr (Senior): Potential summer employment opportunity with Bray Architects
following graduation.
Jake Higgins (Senior): Received an internship with Graco, and will turn into a full time
position at the end of the summer.
Kaitlyn Hunt (Senior): Passed motorcycle permit test over spring break and scheduled to
take the endorsement class first week of May. Started working a third job and saving
money for a 3 week trip to Europe after graduation. Excited to start full time job with
Target Corporation in June!!
Andy Jerzak (Freshman): Earned an A on Pop Culture and Politics WWII to Present
exam. Named finalist for an internship in Alaska over the summer.
Josh Kelly (Freshman): Accepted into the Carlson School of Management. Named
Caddy Master at Northland Country Club in Duluth.
Kevin Krile (Senior): Received an accepted a job with Medtronic as a software engineer
Jake North (Sophomore): Received and accepted internship with College Works
Painting. Organized and team leader of Evans Scholar 2013 Tough Mudder team.
Parker O’Brien (Freshman): Has a job interview at Spring Hill Golf Course
Jens Peterson (Senior): Has second interviews with Miller-Coors and RazorSync for a
job as a Sales Representative.
Kyle Roberts (Sophomore): Accepted a 6th month coop at HGST in Rochester for
summer and fall semester
Coleman Rollins (Senior): Working as an IT representative for the College of Biological
Siobhan Smith (Sophomore): Accepted to study abroad at the University of Rio Piedras
in Puerto Rico next spring semester!
Paul Stadem (Senior): Named a finalist to receive a Fulbright Grant to conduct research
for one year at the Uganda Cancer Institute in Kampala, Uganda. Admitted to the Tom
Burnett Advanced Leadership Training Program, a program that seeks to further develop
the top 14 student leaders on the University of Minnesota campus.
Wylie Tueting (Senior): Currently completing his English Honors senior thesis involving
fiction short stories and presented it at the University's English Conference. Graduating
summa cum laude. Picked up Latin and Greek since starting undergraduate. Plan to be a
most humble teacher or professor of English -- although I'll be really eccentric and cool
and in-shape.
Tony Wesp (Junior): Accepted accounting internship at Ernst & young this summer
Rachel Zalaznik (Sophomore): Earned Deans List honors first semester. Auditioned and
awarded first chair section in orchestra. Accepted into the College of Education and
Human Development and accepted as a family social science major.
I would personally and sincerely like to thank you for your continued support of the
Evans Scholar program. I look forward to interacting with many of you again very
Justin Bevan (’15)
Alumni Relations Chair
A Message From The President
I, Aron Elias (’15) am honored to be elected and serving as the President of our
chapter for the next calendar year. The enthusiastic leadership, involvement, and
moral of the chapter are a reflection of every scholar here at Minnesota. I am also
extremely pleased and honored to be elected as the National Committee Vice
President of Finance. I relish the opportunity to represent not only the Minnesota
chapter, but all Evans Scholars across the nation.
This past February the Western Golf Association hosted the 61st Annual Evans
Scholars Golf Ball and Winter Meetings. Academic, New Scholar Academic, and
Basketball trophies were awarded to chapters. I am ecstatic to announce our
current New Scholar Class was deservingly awarded the 2012 Roland F. “Mac”
McGuigan Academic trophy, earning an outstanding 3.51 cumulative GPA for the fall
2012 semester!
We recently fundraised and participated in the Muscular Dystrophy Association
Muscle Walk. As a house under the leadership of Paul Stadem (’13), we raised a
total of $5100! Our house participated and fundraised in coordination with Relay for
Life hosted at TCF Bank Stadium on April 5th and 6th. Our house was able to
fundraise a total of $1,205. In the upcoming weeks we are very excited to host our
second blood drive of the academic year, and other philanthropic events
coordinated by our Philanthropy Chairs, Rachel Zalaznik (’15) and Josh Kelley (’16).
Golf Relations Chair, Roger Borgeson (’14), continued our perennial relationship
with the Minnesota Minority Junior Golf Association (MMJGA) through our
assistance of caddy training and mentorship. This summer we seek to continue and
expand our mentorship outrush with the Boy Scouts of America and The First Tee of
Minneapolis. We hope to continue a thriving tradition of providing mentorship for
aspiring children interested in caddying and golf.
As the new E-Board was elected in late January, we have begun initiating new WGA
policies, house projects, and a new camaraderie. Combining the help of the WGA and
our Technology Chairs, Zach Allen (’16) and Patrick Krile (’16), our main goal for
this semester is to renovate our current internet and network situation.
These accomplishments would not be possible without your generous contributions
and support. Every scholar who is blessed to receive and Evans Scholarship
experiences your commitment to the Minnesota Evans Scholars program. On behalf
of all the scholars, active and alumni, thank you for you generosity and continued
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to find out more information
about our chapter or would simply enjoy a house tour!
Aron Elias (’15)
Minnesota Evans Scholar Chapter President
National Evans Scholar Vice-President of Finance
A Message From The New Scholar Educator
I, Nina Wong (’14), am excited for the position of New Scholar Educator and
providing assistance for the new scholars as they make their transition into college,
as well as into our chapter. While in office as the New Scholar Educator for 2013,
my goals for the new scholar class include: achieving a 100% activation rate and
continuing our possession of the Mac McGuigan Trophy in Minnesota, ensuring that
the class feels unified within their class and within the house, and emphasizing more
philanthropic participation. My first goal can be accomplished by implementing
more possibilities of study night at the house, along with the two library nights, and
also by enforcing grade reports from the new scholars. My second goal of unifying
the new scholar class can be accomplished correspondingly with my goal of
promoting participation in philanthropy events.
Looking ahead to April 13th-14th is our New Scholar Weekend. Some events planned
include a hang out/grill out with games and activities, a Twins baseball game,
dodgeball, and bowling. I am really looking forward to meeting the new scholars
and getting to know them before the school year kicks off next fall. After meeting
some new scholars at their interviews and reviewing the letters sent by the new
scholars, I anticipate a fantastic new scholar class that is driven to achieve in school
and will make a great addition to our house as Evans Scholars.
Nina Wong (’14)
Minnesota Evans Scholar Chapter New Scholar Educator
Upcoming Events:
~April 13th and 14th: New Scholar Weekend
~April 5th: Relay for Life
~April 27th: Blood Drive
~May 20th: Founders Day at North Oaks Golf Club
~July 29th: Seven Club at Golden Valley Country Club
~August 4th and 5th: Summer Outing at Cog Hill Country Club
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