Autumn 2014 curriculum letter

Year Groups: 5/6
Term/weeks: Autumn 1
“We all say we can, and we do!”
As readers…
we will be extracting information from texts,
explaining how texts/characters/events make us
feel, retelling what we’ve read with detail,
predicting what might happen and making
deductions about what we’ve read.
As writers…
Classes: Kingfishers and Falcons
As historians, we will be studying crime and
punishment through the ages, from 1450-1900.
This will involve looking at chronology, asking
historical questions, and using sources of
evidence to find the answers.
we will be looking at the features of different
types of text including instructions, science fiction
and narrative poetry. We will be writing our own
examples of each of the above texts.
As communicators…
We will be sharing ideas, contributing to
discussions and reciting poetry.
pictures inspired by the work of famous artists
and the techniques we have explored.
about ourselves and learning higher numbers.
As mathematicians…
Religious Education
we will be furthering our understanding of
We will be exploring Sikhism and comparing the
place value, including decimal numbers, ordering
different ways Sikhs put their religion into practice.
with times table practice and related division
As artists, we will be learning and refining
we will use these ideas to create our own
countries; asking and answering detailed questions
applying our learning. Please support your child
History Workshop with Andrew Skelton 16.09
Food Technology & DT project at Sheldon
Lee Abbey week commencing 6.10.14
mood and atmosphere.
we will be studying France and neighbouring
refining formal calculation methods, and
What’s on…
drawing and painting techniques which reflect
As linguists…
and rounding. We will also be learning and
Redland School
As members of our community (PSHE)…
we will be learning about our rights and
As scientists…
we will be exploring the earth, sun and moon
focusing on day, night, seasons and phases of
the moon. We will also be looking at our solar
system and stars.
responsibilities in school and the wider community
As computing experts…
As active individuals (PE)…
we will be learning about e-safety, internet
we will be learning the skills and rules of netball and
research and evaluating information.
will be choreographing a dance in groups.