BCASLPA Award Recipients Award in Recognition of Service This

BCASLPA Award Recipients
Award in Recognition of Service
This award is presented to members whose special efforts and contributions, through
volunteer services of BCASLPA and related organizations, have contributed to the
growth of the professions of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology.
2012 Jennifer Moll
2011 Lisa Avery
2010 Mark Hansen
2009 College Working Group
2008 Linda Rammage
2007 Margaret Orme
2005 Laurie Usher
2001 Michelle Smits
1999 Dorothy Fairholm
1998 Lisa Prokopowich
1997 Susan Batstone
Dorothy Fairholm
Brent McNeill
1989 Ingrid Jeffrey
Vickie Rothstein
1988 Christy Faraher-Amidon
Honours of the Association
Awarded to BCASLPA members who have made outstanding contributions to SpeechLanguage Pathology and/or Audiology in education, research, organizational services,
administration, and other areas deemed appropriate.
2013 Wendy Duke
Rosemary Park
2012 Ann Marie Newroth
2010 Jeff Riley
2009 Susan Lane
2008 Meena Paranjipe
2007 Kristine Larsen
2005 Beth Thompson
2004 Sue Wastie
2003 Sipke Pijl
2001 Mardi Lowe-Heistad
2000 Noelle Lamb
1998 Dr. Judith Johnston
1997 Monica Brekelmans
Christine Harrison
Noelle Lamb
1991 Margaret Roberts
1990 Jo Nussbaum
1989 Claudia MacMillan
1988 John Gilbert
1987 Elaine Clemons
Patience Towler
Distinguished Service Award
This award is presented to individuals who are not Speech-Language Pathologists or
Audiologists, but who have made outstanding contributions to the professions and/or
the communities they serve.
2012 Judy Chrastina
2011 Arlene Zuckernick
2006 B. May Bernhardt
Pam Collins
2005 Anthony Intas
2003 Lois Pijl
Helen Overnes
2002 Mia Austinson
2000 Michelle Droettboom
YuHeng & Joyce Chiao Family
1999 Marilyn Dahl
1997 Dr. Charles Laszlo
1986 Mary McCuaig