Doing Business in Historic Gettysburg

Doing Business in Historic Gettysburg
This guide was prepared by the staff of Main Street Gettysburg along with the following
contributing partners:
Comments and inquiries should be addressed to:
Main Street Gettysburg
59 E. High Street, #3
Gettysburg, PA 17325
[email protected]
The mission of Main Street Gettysburg is to work with community partners for the preservation, revitalization and
improvement of the Historic District of Gettysburg for the benefit of its citizens, businesses, and visitors.
Main Street Gettysburg, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization registered in the state of Pennsylvania.
Table of Contents
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Gettysburg Fast Facts
Page 5
Tourist Demographics
Page 5
Historic Downtown
Page 6
Map of Historic District
Page 6
Page 7 – 11
Adams County Economic Development Corporation
Page 8
Gettysburg Adams Chamber of Commerce
Page 8
Gettysburg Area Retail Merchants Association
Page 9
Destination Gettysburg
Page 9
Main Street Gettysburg
Page 10
Borough of Gettysburg
Page 11
General Suggestions
Page 12
Reference Guide
Page 13 – 15
Checklist for Business Start-Up
Page 16
Borough Forms
Page 17 – 22
Welcome to the community of Gettysburg!
Gettysburg, the county seat of Adams County, is in the south-central region of Pennsylvania and is
famed as a tourist location, especially as a crossroads for five major eastern cities.
 Baltimore – 60 miles
 Washington, D.C. – 85 miles
 Philadelphia – 140 miles
 Pittsburgh – 195 miles
 New York City – 210 miles
Just above the Maryland border, the fields and streets of Gettysburg served as the backdrop for the
turning point of the Civil War. A few months later, President Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg
Address to commemorate the fallen and dedicate the Gettysburg National Cemetery. As a rural village
before the Civil War, Gettysburg was known as an agricultural region that specialized in shoes and
orchards. Apple, peach, and pear orchards continue to make up a large portion of the area’s economy
with support from grape, wine, and dairy industries. With all of these advantages, Gettysburg’s tourism
industry draws over 3 million visitors each year to experience its many attractions.
Gettysburg Fast Facts
General Demographics for the Gettysburg Borough
Population: 7,620
Median household income: $29,840
Total households: 2,541
Average household: 2.17 persons
Average family size: 2.94 persons
Land area in square miles: 1.7
Persons per square mile: 4,587
Source: 2010 Census
Tourist Demographics
The following figures and facts were reported by the 2013 Gettysburg Visitor Study conducted by Dr. Susan Ryan and a
study team from California University of Pennsylvania.
Over 3 million visitors annually
97.5% of tourists were from the United States.
87.2% are traveling to Gettysburg for leisure
See more statistics at:
The Historic Downtown District
stretches across several major avenues:
Baltimore Street
Carlisle Street
Chambersburg Street
Steinwehr Avenue
York Street
Store Front Data
as of August 2015
Located in the Historic District of Gettysburg…
o 45+ food & drink businesses
o 15+ lodging options
o 20+ attractions
o 10+ attorney offices
o 75+ merchants
o 50+ miscellaneous services
o 10+ professional offices
Zero-Interest Loan Program (ZILP) is a financial incentive opportunity to rehabilitate commercial buildings in
the Historic District of Gettysburg. It is a commercial revitalization program funded from the Pennsylvania Department
of Community and Economic Development (DCED). Through the program, Main Street Gettysburg offers zero-interest
loans to commercial property owners, up to $15,000, per building facade, as an incentive to make improvements and
correct code deficiencies within the Historic District.
Facade Improvement Program (FIP) is a financial incentive opportunity to help rehabilitate commercial
buildings in the Historic District of Gettysburg. Main Street Gettysburg has been awarded several grants for Facade
Improvement from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED). This program
allows qualified commercial property owners within the town's Historic District to be reimbursed for specific sign,
paint, design and storefront facade projects. Reimbursements are up to $5,000 per project and must be matched dollarfor-dollar by the applicant.
Small Business Development Center (SBDC) provides no-cost confidential consulting and low cost training
in proven management fundamentals helping small business owners and potential entrepreneurs make sound decisions
for the successful operation of their business.
Adams County Economic
Development Corporation
Mission: To enhance the business retention and expansion efforts in Adams
County. By doing so, ACEDC is able to assist with business needs such as
Financing, Relocation, Training and Expansion.
An ACEDC Membership includes benefits based on contribution level, see
more at:
Robin Fitzpatrick
Growth in Adams
ACEDC is equally
committed to attracting
new businesses to Adams
County, enhancing the
overall economic growth
of Adams County through
increased tax base and the
creation of new jobs for
our citizens.
ACEDC is a private, 501(c)(6) not-for-profit organization serving Adams County, Pennsylvania.
The Gettysburg Adams Chamber of Commerce
Mission: To support the Adams County area by promoting diverse economic opportunities through advocacy, networking
and information. As a member you gain many advertising, networking, recognition and information opportunities.
A Chamber Membership includes:
Business Counseling
Cost saving programs on health insurance & business services
Member-to-Member Discount Program
Some of the advertising opportunities include:
Member Spotlight in Chamber Chat
Free Ad in Hanover Evening Sun
Display space in Chamber office
Carrie Stuart
Gettysburg Adams Chamber of Commerce is a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit organization serving Adams County, Pennsylvania.
Gettysburg Area Retail Merchants Association
Mission: To help create, promote, advertise, and represent the better business interest of the membership of the
organization. The organization offers cooperative marketing and advertising opportunities.
A GARMA Membership includes:
Gift Certificate Program
Shopping Bag Program
First Friday Events
Winter Coupon Book
Kathy Gilbert
GARMA is a 501(c)(6) non-profit corporation serving the Gettysburg area.
Destination Gettysburg
Destination Gettysburg is a membership-based organization that assists the
visitor, their members and the community. Their activities are based on the
value to the visitor, member, and community and to the overall economic
impact on Adams County. It is their mission to promote Gettysburg and all of
Adams County as a premier travel destination.
Membership benefits include:
 Advertising
 Training
 Partnerships
 Networking opportunities among other members
 A directory and website listing with advertising opportunities in newsletters and
Promoting Tourism in
Adams County
Another facet of the
Destination Gettysburg
mission is to promote tourism
and its positive economic
benefits. This mission is
achieved by aggressive
marketing and building
partnerships with federal,
state and local entities while
maximizing all available
the annual visitors’ guide.
Norris Flowers
Destination Gettysburg is a 501(c)(6) non-profit corporation serving Adams County, Pennsylvania.
Main Street Gettysburg
Main Street Gettysburg is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is committed to the preservation and revitalization of
Historic Gettysburg for the benefits of its citizens, businesses and visitors. With a Board of Directors comprising many of
the town’s most influential directors, Main Street Gettysburg cultivates partnerships that lead to new investment in
Historic Gettysburg. Main Street Gettysburg also offers façade improvement grants and coordinates and facilitates many
development projects.
The four main categories for Main Street Gettysburg are:
~ Steinwehr Avenue
~ Baltimore Street
~ Ten Year Plan
Historic Preservation
~ Seminary Ridge Museum
~ David Wills House
~ Train Station
Financial Programs
~ Façade Improvement Grants
~Zero Interest Loans
Business Support
~ Main Street Minutes
~ Business Advocate to Borough
~ Retreats
Deb Adamik
Borough of Gettysburg
The zoning ordinances of Gettysburg very thoroughly regulate land use. The Borough manages these zoning laws and
regulations, as well as:
Building and Sign Permits
Subdivision and Land Use Permits
Historic District Requirements
Mandatory Recycling Programs
Depending on the business, you might need to obtain a license to operate in the Borough. Different licenses and permits
that are required annually include:
Amusement License
Walking Tour Permit
Carriage Tour License
Borough Office
General Suggestions
Know your township or borough. While much of the surrounding area assumes the town name of Gettysburg, the
Borough of Gettysburg is very small, bordered by Cumberland Township, Straban Township, and Mount Joy
Township. These distinctions are marked only by a small sign along the road, but zoning laws in each municipality
are different. For more information, consult the appropriate maps and borough and township offices.
Research the market. Understand that Gettysburg and Adams County must respond to the local market for success,
but also to the tourist market to enhance business. Know that your business can succeed before investing.
Understand the area’s atmosphere. History plays a large role in Gettysburg’s economy. Do not plan to open a
storefront that visually contrasts from the rest of the area. This can draw a harsh reaction from residents and alienate
potential customers.
Market year round. This might sound like obvious advice, but do not just market during the summer or tourist season.
Use any or all of the following: The Gettysburg Times, The Merchandiser, The Gettysburg Experience, The Hanover
Evening Sun, the internet, the business organizations, local radio and television stations, mailings, coupons,
billboards, brochures, civic organizations, local events, and any other medium.
Plan for the worst. Although Gettysburg has been resistant to downturns in the economy, with no drop in visitors,
businesses still need to prepare for years of increased costs and reduced customer traffic. Staying open during hard
economic times is vital. Keeping your business open at least four days a week can help the slack of the economic
times but also keep your business running.
Get the correct permits and licenses. Be sure to get all permits before starting operations, including building and sign
Take advantage of everything available to you. That includes all of the organizations listed here and their services,
but also includes more simple pleasures. Watch the sunset over the battlefields, follow a bike trail, frequent the
farmers’ markets, and enjoy the events. Gettysburg offers many types of entertainment and stress relief on top of the
business opportunities. Use them to maintain happiness and success.
Doing Business in Historic Gettysburg – Reference Guide
Main Street Gettysburg, Inc.
59 E. High Street, #3 | Gettysburg, PA 17325
717-337-3491 |
Gettysburg Borough Office
59 E. High Street | Gettysburg, PA 17325
717-334-1160 |
Adams County Building Permits
Adams County Courthouse (2nd Floor) |Baltimore Street
Gettysburg, PA 17325
717-337-9837 |
Food Service Inspection
PA Department of Agriculture |Bureau of Food Safety Inspections
P.O. Box 5184 |Harrisburg, PA 17110
717-346-3223 |
Liquor License
Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board
717-787-5549 |
Local Taxes – PA DCED
1-866-466-3972 |
State Taxes - PA Department of Revenue
717-787-1604 |
Federal Taxes - Internal Revenue Service
Adams Electric Cooperative
1338 Biglerville Road | Gettysburg, PA 17325
717-334-9211 |
1-800-545-7741 |
Century Link Telephone Service
1-800-829-8009 |
Comcast Communications
1-800-995-6545 |
IESI Waste Solutions
717-709-1700 |
Columbia Gas
1-800-460-4332 |
York Adams Tax Bureau
717-334-4000 |
Adams County Economic Development Corporation
1300 Proline Place | Gettysburg, PA 17325
717-334-0042 |
Gettysburg Adams Chamber of Commerce
1382 Biglerville Road | Gettysburg, PA 17325
717-334-8151 |
Gettysburg Area Retail Merchants Association
717-253-3168 |
Destination Gettysburg
571 W. Middle Street | Gettysburg, PA 17325
717-334-6274 |
Occupational Safety & Health Administration
200 Constitution Avenue, NW | Washington, DC 20210
800-321-6742 | www.osha.gove
Small Business Administration
409 3rd Street, SW | Washington, DC 20416
800-827-5722 |
Pennsylvania Small Business Development Center
Shippensburg University
1871 Old Main Drive | Shippensburg, PA 17257
717-477-1935 |
Checklist for Business Start-Up
Planning Activities:
___ Apply for a Federal Employer Identification Number
___ Secure Financing, if needed
___ Establish a bank account for your business
___ Establish record-keeping procedures for financial management, marketing, personnel, maintenance, etc.
___ Secure insurance for your business
General Start-Up Activities – Determine the business you want to start and assess the following:
___ Do you have the qualifications for the business?
___ Is there feasibility of making that business profitable?
___ Conduct research on your industry, target market and competition
___ Select a location and analyze it for traffic, parking, customer and delivery access
___ Investigate all start-up procedures specific to your industry
___ Write a business plan that includes your strategies for management, marketing, production and financial contingencies
___ Develop a list of all potential monthly expenses
___ Consider saving at least 6 months of liquid working capital to get through the off-season
___ Determine potential sources of financing for your type of business
___ Develop a list of all equipment and purchases required to start your business and identify the cost of each
___ Research potential suppliers and investigate credit terms
___ Develop descriptions of all duties within your firm and determine the person responsible for each
If you Plan to Employ One or More :
___ Federal Income Tax and Social Security Tax Withholding Info: 1-800-TAX-1040
___ Worker’s Compensation Insurance Info: 717-783-4476
___ York-Adams Tax Bureau for Local Services Tax Info: 717-334-4000
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