Other Publications
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In: The Atlantic Salmon Trust Journal 2011, pp. 42 – 43.
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Anderssen (eds) MODSIM2011, 19th International Congress
on Modelling and Simulation. Modelling and Simulation
Society of Australia and New Zealand, December 2011, pp.
Greathead, C., J. Clarke, E. Guirey and B. Rabe:
Development and Application of Sustainability Indicators for
Marine Fin-Fish Aquaculture in Scotland. Scottish Marine and
Freshwater Science Report (In Preparation)
Rabe, B., A. Münchow, H. L. Johnson and H. Melling, 2010:
Nares Strait Hydrography and Salinity Field From a 3-Year
Moored Array. J. Geophys. Res., 115, C07010,
Rabe, B., 2010: Geostrophic Velocities, Freshwater Fluxes,
Hydrography, and Salinity Field in Nares Strait, between the
Canadian Arctic Archipelago and NW Greenland. PhD thesis,
University of Delaware, Delaware, USA
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Model Input. Technical Report, Bedford Institute of
Oceanography, Dartmouth, NS, Canada
Rabe, B., 2003: Freshwater Signals in the East Greenland
Current. Diplom Thesis, University of Hamburg, 93pp.
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