Banana Banana contains Vitamin B6, C and a high percentage of

Banana contains Vitamin B6, C and a high percentage of water, which nourishes and hydrates
the skin.
From curing dry skin and dull hair to curbing your hunger feeling and burning fat, banana does it
all. Besides this, banana is used for many homemade beauty treatments as well. So, take a look at
some surprising health and beauty benefits of this amazing fruit.
Curb = control
Bananas protect the body against the damage caused by free oxygen radicals, which can speed up
the process of ageing. So, you can also use a banana peel to get rid of wrinkles.
Peel = the skin of the fruit ‫القشرة‬
Wrinkle = a small line in the skin caused by old age ‫تجاعيد‬
All you need to do is, apply fresh peel on your face for 15 minutes every day to get the
maximum benefit out of it. You can also make a banana face pack by mashing half a banana and
adding a teaspoon of rose water to it. Keep it on your face for about 30 minutes. After that, wash
it off with water.
‫كذلك يمكن سحق نصف موزة مع ملعقة شاي من ماء الورد ويترك على الوجة نصف ساعة لمحاربة التجاعيد‬
Due to their moisturising properties, bananas are great for your cracked heels as well. Just mash
two bananas into a pulp, apply it on your feet for about 10 minutes before rinsing it off with
water. Follow this treatment religiously and your feet will become soft and smooth.
moisturising = ‫رطوبة‬
cracked heels = ‫فطر كعب الرجل‬
‫يمكن سحق موزتين ويوضع المسحوق على االقدام لمحاربة التشقوقات او الفطور‬
‫ دقائق قبل ان تغسل‬01 ‫لمدة‬
‫واكب على هذا العالج بشكل متكرر وسوف تحصل على قدم ملساء جميلة خالية من الشقوق‬
Bananas are a rich source of potassium, which can help to reduce the puffiness of your eyes
instantly. You need to mash half a banana and apply it on your eyes for about 15 minutes. If you
find this to be too messy, then just place banana peels on your swollen eyes. All these solutions
will help you to get rid of your puffy eyes.
‫الموز يحتوي على البوتاسيوم تساعد هذه المادة على تقليل حجم االنتفاخات التي تحيط بالعيون‬
‫ضع نصف موزة مسحوقة على العين لمدة ربع ساعة واذا وجدت ذلك مزعجا بسبب الزوجة‬
‫ضع القشرة فقط‬
Bananas are very effective in treating acne and pimples. You need to take a small piece of the
peel and rub it gently on the affected area. Do this till the peel turns brown. Then clean the area
with some water. Follow this simple routine thrice a day to get rid of those pimples.
Acne = ‫حب ال ش باب‬
Pimples = ‫ب ثرة او دمل ص غ ير‬
‫لمحاربة حب الشباب والدمل الصغير يمكن وضع جزء صغير من قشرة الموز او مسح المنطقة برقة ولطف‬
‫ مرات في اليوم‬3 ‫ثم اغسل المنطقة كرر العملية‬
Bananas are rich source of natural oils, carbohydrates, potassium and vitamins. These nutrients
keep your hair healthy and smooth. They also nourish them, and prevent breakage and split ends.
All you need to do is mash a banana and add a little almond oil to it. Apply it on your hair, leave
it on for about 15 minutes and then wash it off. Your hair will be revitalised and moisturised by
the vitamin C and A present in bananas.
‫ دقيقة ثم يغسل‬01 ‫ قليل من دهن اللوز ويوضع على الشعرويترك‬+ ‫يمكن سحق موزة‬
‫شعرك سوف ينشط ويزداد حيوية ويترطب بسبب فيتامين‬
Bananas contain tryptophan, which is a type of protein. This helps your body to produce
serotonin, a hormone that is known for its calming and mood-enhancing properties. That is why
bananas is good for those who are suffering from depression.
serotonin = ‫مادة كيمياوية تنتج بجسم االنسان لنقل الرسائل من الدماغ والتي تساعد على الشعور بالفرح والراحة‬
‫ولذلك الموز غذاء جيد للمصابين بالكأبة‬
Bananas contain probiotic bacteria, which helps the absorption of calcium in the body, thus
strengthening your bones. Also, the potassium in bananas helps to prevent calcium loss from
your body. This lowers your risk of developing osteoporosis later in life.
‫الموز يحتوي على بكتريا تساعد على امتصاص الكالسيوم وهذا يؤدي الى تقوية العظام‬
Banana contains fructooligosaccharide, which helps to stimulate growth of good bacteria in the
stomach, particularly the colon. It also produces enzymes that helps to improve the overall
‫الموز يحتوي على مادة تساعد تحفيز نمو البكتريا المفيدة في المعدة والقولون وتساعد على انتاج انزيم‬
‫يساعد على تحسن عملية الهضم‬
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