Name: Twelfth Night-Acts 4 and 5 Act 4, scene 1 (Line 21

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Twelfth Night-Acts 4 and 5
Act 4, scene 1 (Line 21-end)
1. Why does Sir Andrew attack Sebastian?
2. Who stops Sebastian when he overpowers Sir Andrew?
3. Why does Olivia yell at her uncle Toby and his friend Sir Andrew when she sees them with
4. What does Sebastian agree to when Olivia asks?
5. Why do you think Sebastian reacts this way to the stranger Olivia?
Act 4, scene 3
1. Olivia sure likes to give presents. What gift did she give to Sebastian?
2. In his soliloquy at the start of the scene, Sebastian reveals that he’s a bit puzzled by all that’s
happened to him. Whom did he seek out to discuss these marvelous happenings?
3. Did he find this person?
4. Where did he look for him?
5. What proof does Sebastian think of to suggest that Olivia isn’t crazy for the way she seems to feel
about him?
6. With whom does Olivia bring to with him to see Sebastian?
7. What does Olivia ask Sebastian to please do for her?
8. Why do you think she is so eager?
9. After the secret is out, what does Olivia promise will occur?
10. To where do Olivia and Sebastian go at the end of the scene?
Act 5, scene 1 (lines 46-274)
1. Why does Viola (Cesario) have Antonio brought before the duke?
2. Does the duke recognize Antonio?
3. What does Orsino admit about Antonio from that long ago battle?
4. Orsino asks Antonio what “foolish boldness” brought him to walk the streets of Illyria. What does
Antonio reply?
5. When did Antonio and Sebastian arrive in Illyria?
6. Why should Antonio’s timeline confuse Orsino?
7. According to the timeline Antonio explains, how long ago was the tempest that separated the twins?
8. Why does Orsino think Antonio is lying or crazy?
9. Why does Olivia finally come to Orsino’s court in this scene?
10. How does Orsino react when he realizes that Olivia loves Cesario?
11. What does he initially tell Olivia and Viola (Cesario) that he will do?
12. What does Viola (Cesario) say in response?
13. When Olivia asks Viola (Cesario) why she’s following Orsino, what’s the reason Viola (Cesario)
14. What surprise does Olivia reveal to both Viola (Cesario) and Orsino in the midst of the argument?
15. Why does Olivia think Viola (Cesario) is protesting so much?
16. What does Orsino decide once the priest reveals the whole “truth” to Orsino?
17. What do Viola (Cesario) and Olivia think of this?
18. Sir Andrew then enters, claiming to need a doctor. Why?
19. Who, currently on stage, does Sir Toby blame for his own condition?
20. Sebastian enters and takes responsibility for hurting the two men. Why is everyone so surprised?
21. Why is Sebastian so especially surprised to see Viola (Cesario)? What does Viola (Cesario) find so
surprising about seeing Sebastian?
22. What family details do the twins reveal to us as they prove their true identities to one another?
23. What character does Viola promise will back up her story?
24. What further proof does she say this character is holding for her?
25. What humorous realization does Sebastian have?
26. What does Orsino decide when the full truth is finally, for real this time, laid out plainly before him?
27. What does Orsino what Viola to do before they move on in their relationship?
28. What does Olivia just now remember to mention about the man who saved her?
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