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Paralegal Certificate Course

how to find and apply authority to hypothetical factual situations.

Legal Secretary Certificate


$1,289 + Books & Westlaw

90 Clock Hours

“Introduction to Legal Research”: Students will learn research techniques for use in legal

$645 + Books

45 Clock Hours

This intensive, nationally acclaimed program is memoranda, motions, and briefs. Primary and designed for beginning as well as advanced secondary source materials will be discussed,

This intensive program is designed for both and a concise approach to legal research will be beginning and experienced secretaries who are legal workers. Students will be trained to interview witnesses, investigate complex fact developed. interested in improving their skills and working patterns, research the law, prepare legal documents, and assist in preparing cases for

“Legal Research Practice”: Legal research more efficiently within the law office. Students courtroom litigation. The instruction is skills will be applied this session with emphasis will study such topics as: legal terminology; legal process; jurisdiction and venue; ethics; practice-oriented and relates to those areas of on sherardizing statutes and case law and written communications including letters, law in which paralegals are in most demand. learning to use computerized legal research pleadings, discovery, notices and motions; terminals. Numerous research assignments will filing procedures, billing and accounting; time

“Legal Terminology, Documents, Ethics, and the Litigation Process”: This session focuses be given, discussed, and critiqued. The West

Key Number System will be learned on the history of American jurisprudence, the thoroughly. management; records management; overview of commonly used word and data processing programs; legal research; memoranda theory of law, the legal process, and the nature of litigation. Discussion will cover pre-trial and

“Legal Writing and Appellate Procedure”: This preparation, and citation format. post-trial procedures as well as an in depth session will concentrate on the preparation and

During this session students will receive an coverage of legal ethics. At the end of the first critique of legal memoranda, including an introduction to the theory of law, the legal session of class, students will know how to

Interoffice Memorandum of Law and Appellate process, and the nature of the practice of law.

Brief. Principles of appellate procedure will

Discussion will include the process of law as prepare a Complaint/Petition, Answer, Third

Party Complaint/Petition, and Motion for also be reviewed. Proper citation format will be well as the specific legal terminology. Ethics

Summary Judgment. covered along with a discussion of job hunting are also covered. techniques and job leads for those seeking their

“Introduction to the Evidentiary Predicate”:

This session covers the rules of evidence and first employment as paralegals. civil procedure. Basic interviewing and

There are no prerequisites to take the course,

This session addresses the particulars of law office management. Also, this session studies technology in the law office. Students will be investigation techniques and the development but students will be expected to complete a exposed to actual court documents and will and use of demonstrative evidence will also be significant amount of homework for each prepare some of these documents as part of explained. At the end of the second session of session. This program will help students their homework. class, students will prepare discovery matter increase their office’s efficiency, productivity, such as Interrogatories, Request for Admissions and billable hours as well as learn new

This session will be spent examining the and Request for Production of Documents. marketable job skills. intricacies of the law office, including office procedure manuals, billing techniques, and

“Identifying Relevant Authority”: During this overall management techniques of the law session, students will learn how to identify

Follow us on Twitter! office. Students will also be introduced to the relevant law, determine the differences between basics of legal research and proper citation primary and secondary authority, and between

@EhAdult format. Job search strategies and placement mandatory and persuasive authority, and learn possibilities will also be discussed.

Preparing for the GMAT

$300 + Books

45 Clock Hours

Most MBA programs across the country and internationally require a Graduate

Management Admission Test score for program admission. Our GMAT

Preparation Course is a must! This course provides you with test-taking techniques and methods for improving your score on all sections of the GMAT.

It features a math review and techniques for tackling the problem solving and data sufficiency questions that make up the math section of the GMAT. This course also covers all questions types on the verbal sections of the GMAT. We will discuss how to do your best on reading comprehension, sentence corrections, critical reasoning questions, and the analytical writing assessment.

Students will practice on actual GMAT

Tests for from previous years, and we will cover specific time saving techniques for the computer administrations of the test.

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Preparing for the GRE

College Test Preparation

$300 + Books

45 Clock Hours

$300 + Books

Applying to Graduate school usually means taking the GRE (Graduate

Record Examination) General Test. Our

GRE Preparation Course is a must! This course provides you with test-taking techniques and methods for improving your score on all three sections of the

GRE: Verbal, Analytical, and

Applying to law school means taking the Law School Admissions Test. We have been preparing future law students for the LSAT since 1980. This course will prepare you to perform well on all three question types on the LSAT:

Reading comprehension, logical reasoning, and analytical reasoning. Plus

$250 + Books


This course features a math review and techniques for tackling the quantitative comparison, discrete quantitative, and you will gain valuable insight into preparing an impressive writing sample.

You will practice on actual LSAT exams from previous years and learn for all of the question types found on both test using test-taking techniques taught to thousands of college bound students around the world. We will analyze each of the test question areas data interpretation questions that make up the math sections of the GRE. Center for Legal Studies and taught to math and verbal refreshes and test-taking techniques developed by The thousands of pre-law students around and give special consideration given to techniques aimed at relieving test-taking

This course also covers all questions types on the verbal and analytical sections of the GRE. We will discuss how to do your best on reading comprehension, analogies, sentence completions, antonyms, and logical and analytical reasoning questions. Students will practice on actual GRE tests from the world.

This course provides an overview of law school entrance procedures, a career in law, and law school survival techniques.

It includes an intensive review of reading comprehension and logical reasoning questions, including anxiety. You will practice on actual

SAT & ACT tests from previous years, and we fully explain and interpret the correct and incorrect.

Topics include sentence completions, analogies, reading comprehension, and antonyms for the verbal sections and previous years, and we will cover specific time saving techniques for the computer administrations of the test. techniques for quick elimination of incorrect answers, explanations and interpretations of correct answers, and approaches for selecting the correct answers.

If you are college bound, you will probably be required to take the

SAT/ACT. Almost all undergraduate colleges and universities require that prospective students take either the ACT or the SAT and most students take both.

Taking this course first will prepare you basic and advanced math concepts

(including fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios, proportions) and algebraic and geometric concepts for the math sections.

Preparing for the LSAT Preparing for the SAT/ACT