scene 3 summary

A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams
Scene 3
Its about 2:30am when Steve, Pablo, Mitch, and Stanley are playing poker in Stanley’s
kitchen. They had been drinking whiskey and appear drunk. Stanley dominates the
conversation and appears tough, where as Mitch is concerned about his mother, who is
sick, and appears to be a more sensitive man. After some interaction between Stanley and
Mitch, Mitch leaves the room to go to the bathroom.
Stella and Blanche return and Blanche wants to make sure she looks good and fixes her
makeup before entering the house. Stella introduces Blanche to the men, but they do not
seem interested in her. Stella hints to Stanley that she wants the men to stop playing poker
for the night, but Stanley refuses, tells her to go upstairs to Eunice’s apartment and slaps
her behind. Stella is embarrassed and goes with Blanche in the bedroom. Mitch comes out
of the bathroom and is clearly attracted to Blanche. Blanche later tells Stella that she likes
Mitch too.
Stella and Blanche continue chatting in the bedroom while the poker game continues.
Stanley becomes very drunk and yells at the girls to be quiet. Blanche then turns on the
radio, which makes Stanley angry, even though the other men are enjoying the music.
Stanley shuts off the radio, and he and Blanche stare at each other to have a power struggle.
Mitch again goes to the bathroom. While Mitch waits for Stella to finish in the bathroom,
Mitch talks to Blanche. Blanche is a little drunk and flirts with Mitch a lot. Blanche lies to
Mitch and tells him that she is younger than Stella and that she came to New Orleans
because Stella needs her help, which is not true. Stanley begins to get very annoyed that
Mitch is not back from the bathroom and is missing the poker game.
When Stella gets out of the bathroom, Blanche turns on the radio again and begins to dance
with Mitch. Stanley throws the radio out of the window. Stella yells at Stanley and he
becomes violent with her. Everyone can hear sounds of Stanley beating Stella. The other
men pull Stanley off of Stella, and Stella tells Blanche that she wants to get away. Blanche
takes some clothes and goes upstairs to Eunice’s apartment with Stella. Mitch tells Blanche
that he does not approve of Stanley’s behavior. Stanley appears confused and the men all
Stanley stumbles out of the bathroom and yells for Stella. He wants to make up with Stella,
but Eunice won’t let him speak to Stella when he calls her on the phone. He continues
calling Stella on the street. Finally, Stella comes out of the apartment and goes to Stanley
and they make animal moans. Stanley carries Stella into their apartment.
Blanche comes out of Eunice’s flat and looks for Stella. Mitch returns and tells Blanche not
to worry because Stella and Stanley love each other.