Notes 20.1-20.4

Shang Dynasty Notes 20.1-20.4
A. Introduction
1. Shang Dynasty ruled from 1700 – 1122 BCE,
2. Many clans led by kings, but the strongest Shang clan started the dynasty and
controlled other clans.
3. Scholars were not sure if the Shang Dynasty was a myth. (Did it exist?)
4. In 1899, scholars found oracle bones that had writing on them, and later in 1920, they
found artifacts that revealed a Shang capital city.
B. Shang Capital City 20.2 This proved the Shang civilization existed.
1. Ruins found in 1928 were remains of the Shang: temples, palace, and houses.
2. Under the foundations of the king’s palace, archeologists found human bones that suggest
the Shang had human sacrifice. (a person is killed as part of a religious ritual)
3. The royal tomb shows the king buried with slaves, other servants, and animals.
4. Shang kings were buried with bronze items, also. All artifacts prove they believed in afterlife.
C. Government – 20.3
D. Shang Social Classes: King is at the top – 6 classes 20.4
1. Nobles
a. high ranking social class (landowner)
b. Leaders in army / had a life of luxury
2. Craftspeople formed a small social class
a. They create bronze, cut jade stone, potters, and stone masons.
b. higher than farmers- create weapons
3. Traders
4. Farmers
5. Servants
b. _____________________________________