OpenWebNet – comparison S.Tomasina 25/02/14 Series ISO/IEC

OpenWebNet – comparison
S.Tomasina 25/02/14
Series ISO/IEC 18012 :
Part 1 (published):
System requirements for product interoperability
o Product to be integrated in a system
o Coordination among sub-systems
o Sub-systems sharing resources
Basic rules for system interoperability : e.g. functional safety, availability, reliability:
o No unsafe actions automatically activated
o No automatic setting of the state of programmable devices
o Double check of timed operation before starting
o Defined rules for command translation
o Coordination of devices in integrated commands
o Capability to block potentially hazardous messages
Unique addressing scheme, independent by the transport protocols.
Lexicon of common action
Data security guaranteed
System configuration carried out by qualified personnel and secured during operation.
4 levels model for configuration : Installer procedures, Configuration procedures, Management
procedures, Application layer services.
Three option for transport connectivity
o Single network
o Multiple networks
o Intermediate : Gateway addressing subsystems forming local networks
Common defined set of value type primitive in lexicon
Lexicon of common actions :
o Stand alone network with unique lexicon
o Translation between sub-systems
o Common language to all subsystems.
Part 2 (published):
Taxonomy application model
Interaction model
9 Application domains: General, A/V, Lighting,…,Security, Appliances.
Functional objects (e.g. lighting device scene controller)
Functional actions (e.g. the scenarios)
Application objects
XML data structures
Part 3-1 (NP) Community interface application model :
Part 3-2 (NP)Application model for smart devices:
Proposal 1  Part 3-3 : OpenWebNet : Application model for home control
OpenWebNet features:
Smart object (e.g. lamps ) control
HBES controller
Homelab project (Technical visit on March 04th) is an example of an interoperable HAN based on
IGNES , France interoperability project based on OpenWebNet: for future Cenelec standardization.
Conclusion : Homelab is ISO/IEC 18012 compliant
Series ISO/IEC 14543-3
Details for HES transport layers
Echonet, KNX, IGRS…
OpenWebNet features:
Fulfills all the requirement at transport level. Same features of KNX.
Proposal 2  ISO/IEC 14543-6 “Application layer for HES”