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Ozone Call Volunteer Email
We appreciate your volunteering to send a message to the White House to oppose the
EPA's proposal to lower the ozone standards. We are asking them to block the EPA's
unnecessary and costly ozone rule.
The person in the White House is:
Mr. Bill Daley, White House Chief of Staff. Phone: 202-456-3737 (if you receive a
voicemail or his assistant, Julie Siegel, you may leave a message).
Please let him know your opposition to the EPA's proposal. Among the main reasons to
block this proposal:
Jobs will be lost under EPA’s proposal - 7.3 million jobs by 2020 according to a
study conducted by the Manufacturers Alliance (MAPI).
Costs to comply with the new standard would hurt the American economy at
over $1 trillion annually (from 2020 to 2030).
The proposed rules will prevent businesses from expanding and hurt communities
and local governments across the country.
There is no scientific justification for the proposed changes to be made.
Additional background information can be found on this Ozone Overview or on the
America's Energy Forum website.
Thank you for helping us stop this proposal. If you have any questions, please contact
Americas Energy Forum