REQUEST FOR STUDENT DATA - Northern Illinois University

Information and data concerning individual students and their academic programs is collected and
maintained by the University with the understanding that it is used only as needed in relation to
Northern’s basic educational purposes and requirements. Uses of student academic data for purposes
other than the operation of the University is, therefore, necessarily restricted. In addition, access to
student data is limited by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 to only those
people within the University with a legitimate academic interest. This is defined as the demonstrated
need to know by those who act in the student’s educational interest, including faculty, administration,
clerical, and professional employees, and other persons who manage student record information.
The Office of Registration and Records is charged with the responsibility for collecting student
academic data and for ensuring that all federal and state guidelines for protecting student privacy are
met. The management of that office is, therefore, responsible for determining the legitimate educational
interest of university officials and the relationship of any project or research to the objectives of the
university. All requests for student data must be approved by the Director of Registration and Records
or the Director’s delegate.
Except as defined below, individuals needing confidential student information must ordinarily obtain the
written consent of each student before any personally identifiable data from Registration and Records
files will be released.
Personally identifiable means data or information which includes: 1) the name of the student, the
student’s parent or other family members; 2) the student’s address; 3) social security number or other
personal identifier; or 4) a list of personal characteristics, or other information which would make the
student’s identity easily traceable.
Confidential student data may be released without the written consent of the student to researchers conducting
studies to develop, validate, and administer predictive tests, to administer student aid programs, or to improve
instruction. In those cases, the identification of students may not be disclosed, and any information secured must
be destroyed when no longer needed for the project. Written assurance of this must be made to the Office of
Registration and Records in advance.
Student data for purposes other than those stated above may be released subject to the following
1. Only directory information may be obtained without the student’s express written permission.
Directory information existing in machine readable form is limited to student name, local address,
local phone number, permanent address, permanent phone number, birthdate, major, last educational
institution attended, and degrees received. The following directory information is not available from
machine files: place of birth, participation in recognized activities of sports, weight and height of
athletic team members, dates of attendance, and awards received.
2. All other data items may be released only with the written consent of each student to whom it
3. Samples may not be drawn using data items other than those defined in number 1 above.
4. Random samples or samples matching research populations already defined may be drawn.
5. Students who have requested that no directory information be released will not be included in any
6. Individuals or offices may be billed for any special forms requested, such as mailing labels, etc.
7. No student information, even public information, will ever be knowingly provided to any requestor
to support a commercial purpose, political purpose, or fund raising activities of student groups.
8. Requests for samples and other student data not directly related to instructional purposes will be
addressed on a time available basis, if approved by the Director of Registration and Records.
9. One intent of the privacy legislation affecting student data is to ensure that information collected for
one purpose is not used for a different purpose, of which the student was not aware when the
information was provided. For this reason, students may not be identified by data items that are
collected with the understanding that they are for statistical purposes only. Such items include
racial/ethnic background, marital status, and sex.
10. Student information may not be provided to support surveys or direct mail campaigns not directly
related to the operation of the university.
11. Requests from student organizations must be signed by the faculty advisor for the specific
organization before they will be accepted by Registration and Records. Students requesting address
labels must sign document in Account Receivable accepting responsibility for charges.
12. Additional forms for requesting student data are available in Williston 320.
(Projects will be completed as time allows.)
Please submit only the Request for Student Data page to the Office of Registration and Records and retain the
attached informational sheet as your reference to the FERPA policy.
Requests with the intention of sending a ‘mass email’ require a mass email submission form to be submitted to
and approved by the Provost Office prior to the release of information. To read the policy and find the
submission form, go to ITS Home on the NIU web site and find Mass E-Mail under the E-Mail link.
Description and purpose of project (how information will be used):
(FERPA requires R&R to collect this response. Only requests with this information included will be considered.)
Information needed :
UG GRAD LAW Specify if needed
Approximate number of students you expect to receive information about:
____ Alpha by name
____ ZIP Code
If needed:
____ Residence Hall Address____ Local Address
____E-Mail Address
____Permanent Address
Send Excel file to this NIU e-mail address: _______________________________________________
Date needed: _______________
Our office receives a large volume of requests for data. Please allow ample time to fulfill a request.
Person(s) who will have access to student data (please print):
Statement of Confidentiality:
I will ensure that adequate measures will be taken to protect the confidentiality of the student
information requested, and that only those people identified above will have access to individual
Signature of Person Making Request
Include your e-mail address and phone number
Signature of Faculty Advisor (required for requests submitted by students) Date
Printed name of Faculty Advisor and phone number
Office of Registration and Records
Approved: ______
Denied: ________
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