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Press release
April 2015
Alfa Laval PureSOx water cleaning
process now patented
Alfa Laval PureSOx is a front-runner among marine SOx scrubber systems, which allow
the continued use of HFO while meeting the emission limits for operation in ECAs. Now
with the enforcement in Emission Control Areas (ECAs) in place, the ability to deliver
compliant systems is even higher. The technology in the Alfa Laval PureSOx H2O water
cleaning unit allows this.
The PureSOx H2O water cleaning unit is a specialized example of an Alfa Laval core
technology: the high-speed centrifugal separator. Developed over the course of several years,
it removes the soot from the circulation water in closed-loop mode. The unit is completely
unaffected by pitch and roll, which sets it apart from other cleaning systems on the market. It
has a footprint of just 6 m2 and a modular construction based on three flexibly placed skids.
A process for cleaning scrubber water with high-speed centrifugal separator technology as
part of Alfa Laval´s PureSOx exhaust gas cleaning system has now been patented. The
patented technology is of the utmost importance to secure compliance in either hybrid or
closed loop mode. Especially examples in Belgium and Germany where ports don’t allow open
loop scrubbers, require a system with this specialized technology.
To learn more about Alfa Laval PureSOx and Alfa Laval’s approach to exhaust gas cleaning,
Editor’s notes
About Alfa Laval
Alfa Laval is a leading global provider of specialized products and engineering solutions based
on its key technologies of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling.
The company’s equipment, systems and services are dedicated to assisting customers in
optimizing the performance of their processes. The solutions help them to heat, cool, separate
and transport products in industries that produce food and beverages, chemicals and
Alfa Laval is a trademark registered and owned by Alfa Laval Corporate AB. Alfa Laval reserves the right to change
specifications without prior notification.
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petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, starch, sugar and ethanol.
Alfa Laval’s products are also used in power plants, aboard ships, in the mechanical
engineering industry, in the mining industry and for wastewater treatment, as well as for
comfort climate and refrigeration applications.
Alfa Laval’s worldwide organization works closely with customers in nearly 100 countries to
help them stay ahead in the global arena.
Alfa Laval is listed on Nasdaq OMX, and, in 2014, posted annual sales of about SEK 35.1
billion (approx. 3.85 billion Euros). The company has about 18 000 employees.
For further information, please contact:
René Diks
Manager Marketing & Sales
Business Unit Exhaust Gas Cleaning
Alfa Laval Nijmegen BV, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 24 352 3180
E-mail: [email protected]
Sofia Rugfelt
Marine Trade Press Manager
Marine & Diesel Division, Alfa Laval
Phone: +46 706 69 53 57
E-mail: [email protected]
Alfa Laval is a trademark registered and owned by Alfa Laval Corporate AB. Alfa Laval reserves the right to change
specifications without prior notification.
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