Focus points

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English 9H Jane Eyre Guided Notes
Use the following focus points as a guideline for taking notes on each chapter of Jane Eyre.
Chapters 1-3:
-Characterization: Jane, John Reed, Eliza, Georgiana,
Aunt Reed, Mr. Lloyd, Miss Abbot, Bessie Lee
-Parental History
-Key Events: Jane's reading, John Reed's abuse, Red
Room, Mr. Lloyd's treatment, Attending school
Chapter 4:
-Characterize Jane
-Jane and Mrs. Reed's relationship
-Mr. Brocklehurst
-Jane and Bessie's relationship
Chapter 5:
-Jane's journey to school
-Characterize Miss Temple
-Lowood School
-Jane's arrival
-Characterize Helen
Chapter 6:
-Conditions at Lowood
-Miss Scatherd
-Characterize Helen Burns
Chapter 7:
-Winter at Lowood—conditions
-Jane and Helen—punishments
-Mr. Brocklehurst
Chapter 12:
-Grace Poole
-Jane's travels
Chapter 13:
-Rochester: characterization, with Jane, behavior
-Jane: interaction with master
Chapter 14:
-Rochester: moodiness, conversation with Jane (faults,
-Jane's appearance
Chapter 15:
-Jane and Rochester
Chapter 16:
-Grace Poole
-Memory vs. Reason
-Rochester and women (Blanche)
Chapter 17:
-3rd floor mystery
-Jane's feelings towards Rochester
Chapter 8:
-Jane's reaction to punishment
-Helen's characterization
-Miss Temple
Chapter 18:
-Blanche and Rochester
-Jane's love
Chapter 9:
-Spring at Lowood
-Mary Ann Wilson
Chapter 19:
-Jane's hopes and thoughts
Chapter 10:
-Time Passes: Lowood, Miss Temple
-Jane's proactive actions
Chapter 20:
-Explanation of 3rd story
-Mason's attack
-Rochester and Jane's conversation
Chapter 11:
-Jane's travels
-Mrs. Fairfax
-Rochester's description
-LaughterGothic Elements
Chapter 21:
-Dreams and visitor
-Rochester's views
-Mrs. Reed: wrong doings, why she hates Jane
- Gateshead
Chapter 22:
-Stay at Gateshead extended
-Returning home
-Rochester and Jane
Chapter 31:
-New Job
-St. John
Chapter 23:
-Plans for Jane
-Weather: symbolism
Chapter 32:
-Rosamund and St. John
Chapter 24:
-Jane's emotions
-Rochester and Blanche
-Mrs. Fairfax's reaction
-Jane's letter to her uncle
Chapter 33:
-Jane's family
Chapter 25:
-Split tree: description/significance
-The veil
-1st dream
-2nd dream
-Night before wedding
Chapter 26:
-Strangers and impediment
-Bertha Mason
-Uncle John Eyre
-Jane's feelings
Chapter 27:
-Rochester's past
-Attempt to hide/escape past
-Dream and Escape
Chapter 28:
-Left with nothing
-Mary and Diana Rivers
-St. John
Chapter 29:
-Hannah's treatment
-River's family: past and present
-Jane's identity
Chapter 30:
-Relationship with Mary and Diana
-St. John
-New Position
-Letter arrives
Chapter 34:'
-Found home
-St. John and Jane
-St. John vs. Rochester
Chapter 35:
-Love and marriage
-Rochester's voice
Chapter 36:
-St. John
Chapter 37:
-Change in Rochester
Chapter 38:
-Marriage and relationship
-St. John's letter