Highland Cattle. What are they? These shaggy coated long horned

Highland Cattle.
What are they?
These shaggy coated long horned cattle thrive on the rough pasture and hillsides of their native
Scotland. Probably the most handsome of all cattle breeds, they produce wonderfully flavoured beef
with a marbling of fat, synonymous with many British breeds, which naturally bastes the meat whilst
it cooks, enhancing the taste and succulence.
What makes them so good?
They live a natural diet on poor pasture land. This means they take on the more beefy flavour we are
looking for, through the herbage they eat. They grow slowly because of this diet, which is another
aspect of gaining more flavour.
Why aren’t there many around?
These were once an endangered breed, because there are other cattle out there which gain weight
faster and turn into profit more quickly for the farmer hence, there was a lack of interest in the bony
Where do they come from?
Highland cattle originated in the Highlands and Western Isles of Scotland, where the weather is cold
and their thick coats came into good use. They have now been exported all over the world, but ours
come just 10 miles from the Harewood Estate where the Earl of Harewood has a pedigree herd in
the park. We don’t have it all the time, just as and when these cattle are available.
What is available?
We butcher these sides into the usual cuts - roasts, steaks, casserole pieces, and some fantastic
burgers are on offer. Get it whilst it’s available.
Is it expensive?
We give a 10% to the farmer, as it generally takes twice as long to mature and costs more to
produce. We charge a 10% on selling it – I don’t think that’s expensive, do you?