Interlibrary Loan Service Policy

Sam Fore, Jr.
Wilson County Public Library
One Library Lane
Floresville, TX 78114
Interlibrary Loan Service Policy
The Sam Fore, Jr. Wilson County Public Library (WCPL) provides an interlibrary loan (ILL)
program in order to obtain books, movies, audiobooks, musical CDs, and other materials that
are not owned by the WCPL to library cardholders in good standing. These materials may be
borrowed from libraries in Texas and the United States. The WCPL will also loan items to other
libraries ONLY in the continental United States.
Policies Included:
1. Borrowing Policy
2. Lending Policy
Borrowing Policy
ILL is a free service for customers who have had a valid WCPL card for a minimum of 6 months.
Requests will not be honored for those individuals with unpaid fines/fee or suspended privileges
indicated on their library account. Because WCPL is financially responsible for ILL items at the
point of which they leave the library, WCPL reserves the right to refuse to order ILL items for
patrons with a pattern of overdue items and or unpaid fines.
Request for ILL items may be submitted in person or by telephone.
Books, movies, and audio books are the most commonly borrowed items. A patron may request
any title, in any format; however, if genealogical information is requested, a specific citation
must be provided in order for the lending library to copy the appropriate information.
Lending of materials is at the discretion of the lending library; and there may be charges
involved by the lending library for copies or the security of the items sent. These discretionary
charges will be charged to the borrowing patron. Beware some libraries may not allow for the
loaned items to leave the borrowing library’s premises. In these cases the requested material(s)
must be viewed while in the WCPL. Removal of this property from the library building will result
in the suspension of ALL library privileges.
Customers will be notified by telephone when the requested materials arrive. Staff is allowed to
leave messages on answering machines, voice mailboxes or with a person answering the
telephone. If leaving the message with an individual other than the requesting patron, the staff
is not to state the title or specific information about the book. The staff member is only to state
that the ordered interlibrary loan item has arrived, that it is ready for pickup and provide the
message taker the date by which the book must be picked up. Staff shall then indicate on the ILL
form the method by which the message was related to the patron and the date the message
Interlibrary Loan Policies
was delivered. If the customer requests email notification and provides a current email address,
the library will provide notification by email.
ILL materials must be picked up at the circulation/information desk within 72 business hours
from the time of notification, unless extenuating circumstances are discussed and approved by
ILL staff member. If the item is not picked up, it will be returned to the lending library and the
return shipping costs will be charged to the patron’s account.
Loan periods for ILL materials will be two weeks from the time of pickup, or a specified period in
accordance with the lending library. Requests for renewals of borrowed items will be made to
the lending library if the customer notifies the WCPL 3 days prior to the due date. Renewals are
not guaranteed and are at the discretion of the lending library.
Items borrowed that are lost or damaged must be paid for by the borrowing customer totaling
the purchase price of the borrowed item and any processing fees requested by the lending
library. In addition to the lending library’s charges the WCPL will charge a $5.00 processing fee.
The WCPL information band that is placed around the front cover of each item loaned contains
pertinent information to the tracking of the item. If the information band is not returned with
the loaned item the borrowing patron will be charged a nonrefundable fee of $2.00.
Lending Policy
The following items and services WILL be available for loan to other libraries within the
continental United States of America:
Photocopies of periodical articles
The following items will NOT be available for loan to other libraries:
Items from the Texana Collection
Genealogical materials
Items from the Professional Collection
City and Telephone directories
Items that could be obtained locally by the requesting library
The loan period for any items loaned to another library will be 21 days; with 2 renewal periods
or an additional 28 days. Before renewing the borrowing library must request permission to
extend the original due date at least 3 days prior to their due dates. Materials that are on
reserve for WCPL patrons will not be renewed.
[ ] Approved October 19, 2010
Interlibrary Loan Policies