The Honeywell International Inc. owns a factory along


The Onondaga’s alliances and enemies


-Honeywell International Inc.

-Clark Concrete Company

-Hansen Aggregates

-Trigen Syracuse Energy Corporation

The Honeywell International Inc. owns a factory along the southwest shore of the Onondaga Lake. The company dumps their toxic waste into the lake, changing it from being in its prime state to being the most polluted lake in the continent. This is obviously causing many arguments and difficult situations for the Onondaga nation, on whether or not Honeywell International Inc. should be allowed to dump their toxic waste in the Onondaga lake or not .

The Clark Concrete Company owns a Gravel Company that is degrading the headwaters of the Onondaga creek.

The area of mining contains areas of extreme archeology and cultural sensitivity of the Onondaga.

The problem is that if Clark Concrete Company keeps mining in that particular area it could damage some very important cultural, historic, artifacts of the

Onondaga Nations history.

Hansen Aggregates owns the Jamesville quarry; the quarry is the largest open pit mine in the United States, it sprawls across parts of the towns DeWitt and Lafayette.

The Onondaga nation owns parts of land in those two cities. The pit is damaging part of the land in both of those cities.

The Trigen Syracuse Energy Corporation owns an energy cogeneration plant in

Geddes that burns a combo of coal and paper/plastic waste.

Burning the coal and paper/plastic waste, this produces large amounts of hydrochloric acids and dioxins that cause the toxic emissions. These toxic emissions infect the Onondaga land and air,

Causing large amounts of pollution to spread across the Onondaga Nations property. This will infect many animals, and people where the Onondaga own land and in many other land areas that the Onondaga don’t own.





United States

To make the alliance official with these nations the Onondaga made a double wampum known as the Gustenta. The Gustenta explains how the Onondaga and their new alliances plan on cooperating together. The Onondaga made three alliances with the United States. The first alliance was made in 1784 with fort Stanwix. The second alliance was made in 1789 with Fort Harmer.

And finally the third alliance was made with the Canandaigua.